Anyone have the Championship Divison Standards

Does anyone happen to have images of the flags used to represent each of the eight division and the two Einstein fields? A design member on my team couldn’t find them online and wanted to work with them in Photoshop

I’m interested in these as well. Have you found them yet? I emailed FIRST Marketing (the contact listed on all the branding/logo documentation) so see if they would make them available for the teams, When (if?) I hear anything back I’ll post here.

Found it thanks to FRC Teams support

I wish so much for these standards to come back next year. They’re so beautiful.

Also shoutout to the peanut for winning champs. We knew you had it in you

That Einstein Mass one is actually really awesome.

The concept of standards was really cool this year. I hope something like that stays around.

You beat me to it! FIRST Marketing emailed me this link this morning but I wanted to verify with them if it was OK to share.

I’m going to try and break them into individual files. I got an awesome poster idea I’m excited to try with them!

Thanks guys! From the moment I saw these I knew I had to have posters of them for my room. I had them printed on vinyl stock (plastic, basically), and they look awesome!

You read my mind, I’ve been looking to do the exact same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey thank you guys so much for the quick reply!