Anyone have unused Pneumatics Coupon slots?

If your team is not FULLY using your pneumatics coupons (IOW, getting less than 3 cylinders, or not using it at ALL), PLEASE contact me ASAP.

I have a number of teams in the area that need more cylinders. They’d be interested in discussing swapping some of THEIR unused kit (or NON-kit) parts for you getting them some cylinders on whatever remaining “slots” you have on your coupon, that would go unused anyway. (We can discuss exchange shipping costs, if necessary.)

IOW, I hate to see the coupons wasted. IMHO, I’d rather see more pneumatics ON the field than NOT on the field, to show support for the donating vendors!

If you HAVE unused slots (or full coupons) please contact me via CDF email ASAP at:

Note that in the past the free part coupons often have expired BEFORE the end of the build weeks without notice, so please contact me ASAP if you can help any of my teams out.

(BTW… This goes for BELTING Coupons too… Teams are sure going nuts this season making things!)

– Keith

Now that the end of the build is near, are there any teams out there that still have any unused Pneumatics or Belting coupons “slots”??? I still have teams that need more parts, and are willing to make a deal for them.

With the new 65 lb of holdback decision, they are still useful, IF they are used before they expire in a few days, at the end of the build!

If you HAVE unused slots (or full coupons) left over, please contact me via CDF email ASAP at:


  • Keith