Anyone in the Twin Cities metro have 6" omni wheels?

We were hoping to try a quick experiment with omnis, but we don’t have any available to us this weekend.

Anyone in Minnesota working today and have a set of wheels they could loan us? We’ll come get 'em.

(I know it’s a long shot, but I thought I’d ask…)



We have some 8 in wheels if that works for you guys.

You guys rock, but we need 6.

Wish I could help out a fellow Minnesota team but team 2512 only has 8 in omnis. :frowning:

Wish you the best of luck though in the closing days of build season.

We have some but it is about 3 hours from the Twin Cities. We willbe in Grand Rapids for a scrimmage tomorrow and can bring them, but that would be a long drive for you…

Yeah, that would be six hour drive, which probably doesn’t make sense. But it may be that desperate times may call for desperate measures. Would you mind throwing 'em in your to go bin, in case we have someone crazy enough to make that drive?

And what time is your scrimmage tomorrow?



p.s. Either way, 2512 and 4539 definitely go on my ‘awesome teams’ list…

We will bring them. How many? We have 4. The doors open at Itasca Community College at 8:30am and scrimmage starts at 10:30.

4 would be lovely; we have 2 we can get at on Monday.

We will bring them…no worries if you don’t make it up there to grab them. Maybe see you tomorrow. For your sake, I hope someone else bites on this thread and you don’t have to make the drive. Good luck.

Hey umm, sorry about this but, I forgot those omni wheels. We can send them over night on Monday if you would like. Again, I feel terrible…

Team 2177, the Robettes, responded to our cries for help this morning in a huge way. They not only took the time to loan us two of their omnis, they made sure our CAD captain came away with everything we could possibly need to mount them.

It transformed our robot from a lurching monster into a graceful ballerina.

Thanks to everyone for their efforts on our behalf, and a huge thank you in particular to 2177!