Anyone interested in putting team heads together?

Hi guys!

I’m super new to CD, but I’ve been with my robotics team (2869) for a few years now.

Thought of a great idea: We could all brainstorm game plans? I think the more people get involved, the more productive and creative we could be. We have a few good ideas ourselves, but we want to hear yours (we’ll share, of course!)!

The point of this game is to “synergize” (this IS Aerial ASSIST, right?) and with that in mind we can feel free to work together.

This can vary from game plans to scouting plans to a bunch of other things. I just believe that there are many great ideas floating around here and if we work together, we could come up with something amazing.

Thank you in advance, and Viva La FIRST!

How would you be accumulating these ideas?

Isnt that what CD is?

With how much force? :eek:

(Sorry, couldn’t resist)