Anyone interested in some parts?

Im really trying to get rid of everything i need a new laptop for school message me if your interested and for how much you think its all worth


Where are you located ?


What were you thinking for the lot?

Questions to ask:
Are the cims still legal?
Do the dewalt transmissions work?
Are all the pins in good shape?

I am working on a summer project with another student and we need 2 motor controllers and 2 more cims I would gladly paypal you for a those if you can send them my way :slight_smile:



I still have 2 victor 883’s say $120? and 2 cims $15 total $135 Not including shipping?

pins are all perfect, cims are legal, and 1 dewalt is missing 2 planatary gears (the small ones) the other is perfect.

for everything probably about $800 Without shipping if that sounds fair

1610 could use some of the IFI controls and radios.

How much were you thinking for one of those IFI radios?

how many and how much you willing to pay for them?

idk what seems fair

How much for all the spikes?

I have about 6 spikes maby more say 10$ each?

I have about 6 spikes maby more say 10$ each?