Anyone into R/C cars?

Hi everyone I just wanted to does anyone ever race or bash hobby grade R/C cars or trucks. My current basher rig is a Duratrax Evader DT which I have utterly destroyed (which is why I have so much time on my hands for first) But without thinking I threw over $150 worth of parts at it so it should be back in one piece as soon I receive all of the parts. If you do have a R/C car why not show it off down below. I know someone on here (besides me) must bash or race during off season.

Duratrax 001.jpg
Duratrax 005.jpg

Duratrax 001.jpg
Duratrax 005.jpg

At one time I had over 70 of them…Duratrax, Traxxas, Tamiya, I had it all. Ive still got an electric mini that I dig out once in a great while. It was fantastic for me when I did it. Then I started playing music and sold everything for more music equipment.

I started off running with the local touring car guys with a Radio Shack car. (You laugh, but I did manage a B-Main podium simply because I outlasted them.) I then went to a “real” touring car (an Associated TC3–this was about ten years ago) for a while before that scene died down locally. I then switched to a Rustler to run against stadium trucks until I went to college. There, the lack of space to work on them (and run them without catching grumbles from USC) kinda killed my involvement.

I still have that Rustler, probably junk at this point since it hasn’t been run since 2004. Seeing brushless power and LiPo batteries become commonplace is just a little mind-blowing.

I have probably 20 RC vehicles. It was a great hobby for a long while and is what sparked my interest in robotics. I left the hobby when everything went brushless and lipo. I still remember when .15 nitro engines were amazing, and when NiCd cells reached 2000 mAh and cost like $15 per cell, and when NiMH came out, oh man, you were the cool kid on the block if you had some.

Oh man…I can remember outfitting a Traxxas E-Maxx with two of the first brushless motors right when that stuff was starting to come out. That thing breathed fire! I could never control it, it was so intense! There was a magazine article at the time that claimed an E-Maxx running a single brushless motor could go 70 miles an hour.

Right as I was pulling out, rock crawling was starting to become fairly popular…but it was still a bunch of guys custom building or modifying pre-existing vehicles for it…Now as I understand it there are kits and RTR trucks that do it…My how times change.

Yeah, there are a lot more models out today than I’d know what to do with. (I remember when Traxxas’ truck lineup was the Rustler, Stampede, Bandit, and E-Maxx, gas or electric. Now there’s a LOT more of them…)

It would be fun to take what I’ve learned in FRC, go back to my 16-year-old self, smack him upside the head*, and build that truck even better.

*Personal doctrine: If you don’t have something to go back and smack yourself about ten years later, it means you haven’t progressed and are thus doing it wrong.

Not really what Traxxas likes to do is take a car like the Stampede put some new wheels on and a licensed brand name body on it. And ta-da :eek: they have a new vehicle which they can charge people more for. Their Monster Jam line is a proud example of this.



My brother is selling an R/C buggy. N To anyone interested here id the info.
Baja 5b SS.

1.5 gallons run through car total.
After break-in the car was radar clocked at 47 mph, runs very strong.

1 front set shock rebuilds (for 2 both front shocks).
1 rear shock rebuild (for 1 shock)
JR st126mg throttle/brake servo
Stock HPI Steering servo.
Darksoul rear axle extenders.
Killer rc kill switch
Bartalone afterburner chrome tuned pipe
Killer RC Killer Cables pro set (all sizes for baja 5b)
Voltwatch voltmeter for rx
DDM 5000 mah rx batter pack
DDM enclosed clutch cover
Turtle Racing rear transmission plate
Turtle Racing 1 piece brake kit
Killer RC red rear light bar.
BTP LED light bar for front lights
Turtle HD front shock mount
Turtle HD rear shock mount
RPM rear skid plate.
Hostile drive shaft boots
Hostile rear heat shield.
Team Chase rear shock uprights
Prolne bowtie front tires on desperado wheels, never ran.
Proline excavator rear tires on desperado wheels, hardly ran
Tony’s screw kit for spare screws, nuts, bolts.
Worx front bumper and skid plate

Futaba 3pl radio set (added blinking light to top of radio for power light).

Mesh mod done on engine lower openings.
Outercovers for pull start and air filter.
5t top handle

Hostile MX rear tires on proline desperado wheels.

Front and rear hpi tarmac tires on hpi wheels. (rears are 75% used at least).
Hostile Slicks for rear, never mounted (purchased used)
Phatdad flywheel cover brace

Includes nearly full bottles of Honda air filter oil and filter cleaner (good, sticky air filter oil)
Black aluminum TCS Baja Wheel Wrench (Long)
Two bodies, one in fluorescent yellow with radiation decals, with black lower parts, hardly run.
One plain red, with white lower parts, run for most of the 1.5 gallons.

$900.00 firm

I’ve only collected a few myself (planes, helis, cars, and trucks)…

100MPH Traxxas XO-1

This is only a small portion of my collection. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am currently working on the white super cub in the center of the photo.

I also recently compiled a list of nearly everything I have, but I’m not going to post that here and I’ve already added more… :ahh:

Used to have a HPI Racing RS3 Evo+. Now I have a Losi Ten-T truggy, but I don’t have any pictures but it’s pretty much the same as when I took it out of the box (google it, I have the orange flames version of the shell).

I fly R/C.

RealFlight G5 for those rainy days you can’t go outside, an Apprentice 15E, HobbyKing Kinetic, HobbyKing Pitts, Horizon T-28 UM, Horizon Night Vapor, and a lot of scratchbuilt foam that has hit the ground at non-negligible speeds. :smiley:

I keep trying to get into free flight (where you don’t control the model, you just let it go), but the pucker factor is HUGE! Balsa build up takes a lot more time than foam and hot glue does too. :ahh:

If anyone is interested in learning to fly R/C, go buy a HH Champ and fly the heck out of it. They are basically impossible to destroy.