Anyone know a good place to upload?

Well, until i get hard drives straightned out, I cant get the animation up on (my site). Anyone know a webhost with direct file-linking for free (all my money goes into my dead server, workstation [the dualie and fedex custom critical are the only things that saved our team :)]) so i can share team 108’s animation? thanks!

If you have a way to get the animation to me (IM, email), I’ll be glad to host your animation on along with team 932’s, even if only temporarily.

Get in touch with me.

Before I go and hog your bandwidth, Im gonna see if I cant get it up on our Dont ya wish that there was more communication among sub-teams on a team? THanks anywayz dude…Now, off to e-mail the motorolans (Motorola engineerz):smiley: