Anyone know anything about LOLcode?

We wanna program our robot in this and we only have a little bit accomplished, so what should we do?

Sorry to be so blunt, but: although LOLcode is funny, you should use a real programming language.

You’d have to write an interpreter to convert LOLcode into one of the other languages (C++ or Java), which would require actually defining a lot of things about LOLcode and porting the libraries. Not worth it…

I appreciate the suggestion but we already got to far to turn back now, if anyone has any code that they can show us i would appreciate it. any other ideas?

You are still in week one (for another day), no way are you too far along now. Seriously, use a real programming language. Lolcode is far too silly and unprofessional.

grats, you got me, Joke Topic

Grats, you got me, Joke Topic

LOLcode is beast. I’ve used a Java interpreter for it once - it would definitely be worth it. You would probably get a standing ovation from everyone for it!

Seriously guys? Let’s keep this forum professional.

I agree with Andy.

It’s ok to be unprofessional if it’s hilarious but what the heck? :slight_smile:


Really? I’d expect more of a giant facepalm…

If your mentors are fine with it, and you really want to waste your time, go ahead. Your mentors don’t put in hours for you to port WPILib in to LOLCode.

LOLCODE? That’s absurd! REAL programmers use brainf**k!


Imagine if they won the Championships with LOLCode. That would be a worthy achievement.

But seriously - don’t.

Brainf**k? Real programmers use Malbolge.

Malbolge? Real programmers use Hex.

You are all wrong, real programmers don’t waste time with compilers and all that nonsense because they use binary

No, real binary programmers use butterflies to create air pockets which direct cosmic rays onto hard-drive platters to flip bits.

No, real programmers make references to xkcd in casual conversation.

18 posts to make an xkcd reference? SHAME on you CD SHAME!

(Btw, frcfeed v3 has a line in it #import soul, my religion won’t let me play god so I can’t uncomment it. :wink: )

Andy, Vivek, I personally laughed at this thread, anything that makes one laugh in build season = ok in my book.

Op, if you want to write your robot code in lolcode and you make it so you can go right ahead. You will learn a ton. Remember folks, most languages are all equally powerful some just make things easier than others.

Since this thread is sort of full of jokes, who knows what the probability of the worlds greatest programmer solving any given programming problem is?

(And real programmers use Lisp) thats a real programmer