Anyone know how to contact team 107????

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knows how to contact team 107? I know this is random and stuff, but I’m desperate and figured most people would read threads in here. I’m doing a project about them in physics (long story) and I’ve checked out their website, but all the contacts I’m e-mailed and no ones gotten back to me. Thanks, any help would be appreciated!

Team 88

There are some registered users from team 107 on these forums. You could pm them and ask for a team contact. I did a search on here and found “Jim S” from 107. Also at FIRST’s site there is an interactive map and clicking on Michigan (where team 107 is from) will give you a list for all the teams in that state and there may be a contact address for the team listed there.

Hello moto , can I help you?

Team 107
JIm schaddelee team mentor
just call me @616-836-6558

What is this project about? I’m curious about the long story?

Hi! I’m in the physics group with Carolyn from Team 88. our physics teacher, Mrs. Calef, is the head coach of our team and she assigned a big project to our class the week before we left for nationals. She did not want us to miss out on research time, so she assigned us to do our project on teams in our division. We had to interview them at Nationals and get a lot of information about the teams, and then do a presentation on the teams.
Team 107… we need to know the guy to girl ratio on your team, how many students from each grade participate, if you have subgroups that work on different parts of the team, and what do they do, some info about community outreach, and a little bit of your team history and how your team was started. This would be a great help! We really appreciate this!
Thank you!
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