Anyone Know What This Means ? Help, only a few days left..

I got everything set (I think) in MPLAB and then clicked on “make” and here is what I got. It seems like something simple…

Thansk so much for any help…

Executing: “C:\Program Files\MPLAB IDE\MCHIP_Tools\mpasmwin.exe” /q /p18F8520 “ultoa.asm” /l"ultoa.lst" /e"ultoa.err" /o"ultoa.o"
Make: The target “C:\mcc18\src\string\18Cxx\mchrpgm.o” is out of date.
Executing: “C:\Program Files\MPLAB IDE\MCHIP_Tools\mpasmwin.exe” /q /p18F8520 “mchrpgm.asm” /l"mchrpgm.lst" /e"mchrpgm.err" /o"mchrpgm.o"
Error[101] C:\MCC18\SRC\STRING\18CXX\MCHRPGM.ASM 117 : ERROR: (No Model Specified)
Halting build on first failure as requested.
BUILD FAILED: Fri Feb 18 10:20:10 2005

Looks like your set to compile Assembler code not C code…

Look at the Project properties to get the Compiler/Linkers set correctly.


Thanks very much.

I know this sounds sad but could you clarify ?

Is it under build options or suite selection?

That would be “Select Toolsuite” on the Project menu.

On the Active Toolsuite drop-down, select Microchip C18 Toolsuite.

Thanks a million! We should be all set :slight_smile: