Anyone know why FIM St. Joe is not streaming?

Would love to see 2767 and some of our other friends!

FiM hasn’t been doing a very good job this year with the streams. I can only get Kettering 2 and Waterford working after i refresh the page about 10 times

FIM isn’t very good about publishing their streams… (I wish they would go to Twitch/Youtube, I think they have some bandwidth issues)

You have to go to this link: , and click all the videos until you find the event you want. They should be streaming them (I watched Southfield last week on them)

I had one of the mentors from my team ask about the status of the webcast and they said they are hoping the webcast should be up and running this afternoon. So fingers crossed!

FIM Youtube will get you at lot of videos from both this week and last including St. Joseph.

FIM streams

Hi all,

It looks like there are some issues with most streams. Try the link below:

Hope this helps,
Brandon Queen
3604 - The Goon Squad

The stream works fine if you do it via VLC…

St. Joseph District seems to be streaming under Kettering #2

+1, worked for me.

…and Kettering #2 was streaming for St. Joe link for sometime. Check all 5 links on FIM to find the stream you want.

A few years back, before Twitch changed their policies (and when YouTube would almost instantly take down a stream if you picked up any copyrighted music over the mic), FiM had a number of streams get taken down from Twitch as “Non-Gaming Content”, as a result, they opted to use a different, paid service to avoid anything like it from happening again.

IMO, Twitch has been fine for the past few years. We still stream to Twitch at the Midland District with our video system (in addition to FiMs required “full field” stream), so look for that come week 4. The Shepherd District (week 5) may also have a dual-stream but we’re still working on the logistics for that.

I’d take FIMs streams and full field archived video over FIRST’s official feed’s stream and archived.

I wonder if the state with the most FRC teams and events could use a bit more bandwidth? Really frustrating.

+1^This. Scouting for States would be impossible without it.

Not impossible but certainly not ideal.

Ok, nothing’s impossible.

We play 4 or 5 events per week in Michigan. Very few teams have the resources to scout all of that in real time, so good full-field video archives make the job much more tractable. Even with that, the hours required are formidable. Scout hard, scout smart. Good data pays off.