Anyone missing the EDU kit?

Does anyone else have this issue: our team never received our EDU kit at the beginning of the season. Because of this we do not have the MPLAB cd with the C18 libraries, nor do we have the 7.2V backup battery! This will definately pose a huge problem seeing as we can’t download the C18 libs! We can always buy a battery from InnovationFIRST but that is going to be very irritating!! Anyone else in our shoes?

The returning veteran kit only included the new EDUBot C controller and the CD, the battery was in the original EDU kit recieved before the 2003 season.

you should have gotten your new edu controller and CD back when you signed up for your first regional

are you sure you know what address and name you put on the registration form? sometimes people put the school or sponsors name down, and thats where FIRST sends it

it might be sitting at your sponsors shipping dock, or on your principles desk.

either way, if you cant find it on monday, call FIRST and they will Fedex you what you need.

Unfortunately our old advisor stole our EDU kit from 2003 so we no longer have the battery, or the rest of the kit for that matter.

We have always received the correct items in the past so the address information is correct. I was able to obtain a copy of the MPLAB cd from a friend on another team but we still do not have our backup battery :frowning: .