Anyone modifying the stock gearboxes?

I’m sure many of you liked those gearboxes John Neun made. I was very pleased to get a setup that I wouldn’t have to think about malfuntioning, or adapting for mount and drive shaft. Although we just couldn’t leave well enough alone now could we? They’re quite chunky. We’ve already begun some easy modifications I’m thinking of white papering when completed. I was just curious what other teams were thinking.

Drilling holes… lots of holes.

We have not got the kit yet, but we have already talked about drilling holes, but after that there will not be much mods done.

They are also one speed (tear). For a first year team they are great, but we are pretty much going to canibalize the gears and add shifters, plus a cool new system that puts our CIM motors at right angles, thus fitting inot our frame better.

With all them holes how are you gonna pack the grease in it? :wink:

My guess, the stovck gearboxes are not really neat, but I think that thay will run mostly san grease.

Use a thick grease, maybe white lithium grease, just spray/scoop it in. Maybe tape holes shut.

All i can say is that we’ve got a very clever way to give it two speeds with just adding one pulley(instead of chain) and a pneumatic. Also, we’ll probably mill some nice chunks out of those heavy gears.

I want to clear a few things up:

  1. Paul Copioli (that’s me) designed the gearbox.

  2. John V. Neun designed the frame.

  3. John had design input for the gearbox and I had design input for the frame.

  4. An outside supplier (must remain confidential) also made suggestions for some transmission design modifications and they were incorporated into the design.

I planned on posting this a long time ago, but never really had a good place to put it. This seemed like a good spot.


Thank you Paul! Very nice work, these are definitely a beautiful sturdy answer to the need of the masses. So do you have any neat tricks up your sleeve for these? You know, since you designed them, I expect to see a set on your bot this year…

Can you say Globe motor? …

Paul we had problems with the star washer getting in the way of the gears. What do you suggest, we took them off.

although i agree thats a terrific idea, worms/bevels/crowns and whatever else that changes the direction of power will decrease efficiency considerably.


Please refer to my answer for your push-on retainer interference problem here:

I am supposed to answer all transmission related questions at the ifirobotics web site.


Although true that changing the direction will reduce the power some, for us, the configuration made available is more important.

My experience is that only a small amount of grease directly on the gears will last an entire competition (three days). I suggest you drill an access hole that will allow you to apply grease with a q-tip before you start each comp.

Ricksta121 - I know it was a joke, but you know someone would fill the box :smiley:

I wonder if anyone has designed a gearbox that can actually shift?(probably gonna be more like a motorcycle than a car)

Check out the galleries… there’s probably 100 different shifting transmissions