Anyone on team 360...

Posted by REDACTED.

Student on team #293, BullBots, from Hopewell Valley Central High and Janssen Pharmacutica, Morehouse Engineering.

Posted on 5/8/2000 3:34 PM MST

This fall, I’m going to be attending the University of Washington in Seattle and through
a little blind luck at Nationals, I found out that apparently they, atleast in part, sponsor
team 360. Since I don’t want to stop participating in FIRST when I graduate, I was
hoping that if anyone on team 360 happened to be on this list, they could e-mail me and
tell me a little bit about what the FIRST program is like at UW. I’m pretty much interested
in learning the basics of your team so that I can join when I get out there for college, so
anything you can tell me about how its set up, who runs it, and stuff like that would be
very helpful.

Team 293