Anyone recognize this sensor?

This is a sensor from a past FRC.
Does anyone recognize it?

I get the feeling it may be a compass.

ha! I just found one of those Friday. It’s from the old IFI control system, it’s an RS-232 interface that plugs onto the robot controller module. I forget what it was used for.

It is NOT a sensor.

It’s a TTL to RS232 level converter.
It was used for serial communication with the CMUCam

That big black chip has holes on the side and when you look in it looked like it had coils. That is why I thought it was a compass. I never would of guess it was a converter.

I’m actually looking through the old stock to see if I can find the HiTechnicCompass that is in the wpilib.h
The class has a link but the link is too old.

Thanks for the input guys.

Oh, yeah… that darn thing. I remember wasting an hour or so trying to figure it out before realizing that the socket was a socket and not an IC.

I would have done it again if you hadn’t posted this! :slight_smile:

Although I have to admit, it wasn’t quite so blurry and out of focus when I last saw one… (a note to the OP, sometimes you are better to move the camera back a bit and get a “smaller” picture with less blur when you want to convey detailed information.)


Yea moving back didn’t help actually. I recently got this camera and havent really stopped to explore the modes and all that. I think it was in the wrong mode.

I don’t think the HiTechnic Compass was ever included in the kit. It is a NXT sensor that connects via I2C. Here is the current link:

If you have a local FLL team, them may have one.