Anyone see anyone step over a pool noodle?

G3 says: “DRIVE TEAMS may not climb over or step on game elements or the STEP”

Anyone see anyone step over a pool noodle, especially when going on the field to remove their robot?

I think they wrote the rule so people don’t climb on Totes or the Step.
Stepping on the Scoring Platforms will be common, but they are more robust than the Step.
Maybe we should Q&A this rule about stepping on Noodles or the Scoring Platform.

Scoring platform is not a “game element”, so is fine.

I’m guessing they don’t want students carrying a robot to step over a noodle in the event they accidentally step on the noodle, and loose their balance.

This is one of those rules that you need to interpret with some common sense. You aren’t going to get penalized for stepping over a pool noodle.

Keep in mind though that this rule is most likely there to keep drive teams safe. They don’t want you tripping over totes or having your foot slip out from under you when you are carrying a robot and step on a pool noodle.

Make sure your drivers are aware of what is going on around them when they are on the field. There will be a lot going on between matches with robots leaving the field, robots entering the field, and field reset hauling totes around.

This does argue for field reset to pick up noodles sooner rather than later during reset to minimize someone carrying a bot and tripping over a noodle-- Presumably the totes and bins will be more ‘obvious’ when plotting a path to get your bot off the field, but a noodle could be easily ‘kicked’ into your path without you realizing it.

More generally, field reset should focus first on clearing a path for robots (wherever they’ve stopped) to exit, regardless of game piece type.

Use your noodle, guys (ayy). Field reset will be tired and overworked, help them out a little bit. Instead of waiting, twiddling your thumbs, for them to come and grab everything out of your path, gather some noodles and hand them to a field reset volunteer. If there’s a tote in your way, push it over towards the landfill. You’re probably not going to get penalized for accidentally stepping over a noodle while carrying a robot, but you will probably get one for jumping up onto a tote and Berinieing, as funny as that would be. As Tanis said, it’s just a “common sense” rule.

I didn’t see it, and I don’t know any other refs that saw it either.


Until they do… We had our drive team follow field crew instructions to go get our robot last year (green lights weren’t on but they were insistent) and got yellow carded for it. Excuse me while I continue to be shocked that following directions got our entire alliance yellow carded.

So, you’ll forgive me for not counting on that.

I think this is a classic case of over thinking.