Anyone See BEATTY 71 at St. Louis?

Has anyone seen 71 at St. Louis? I see they won the regional, I want to know what their robot looks like. Anyone have pictures?

See the STL thread for details:

look here

Here is a pic I found.
71 was on the ramp, but only becuase the other team pushed them up by accident.

They went on to win the Regional with teams 537 and 547.

team 71 wins regional.jpg

team 71 wins regional.jpg

they’re an omniwheel top shooter if that helps.

Yeah we saw them.

Yeah we won with them.

That is a nice shut of our mentor’s Rump…Shake it Brandon!

Yeah that was our first quarterfinal match. 537 got tipped early but it tipped in a good location to keep the lower goal defended. 71 was a great robot to work with and it fit well in our strategy. Extremely easy to load from the top and they can shoot a volley into the center goal very fast.

Yeah, their robot is really good for any strategy…haha, winning.

Congrats to the winning alliance, you all did an awesome job.

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

some one did

Some one snuck in a picture of the BEAST and didn’t tell anyone???

beatty u guys did awsome :smiley:

See the STL Regional thread.

Well in no way to hurt Beatty’s rep but Beatty tipped early in one of our semifinals but 547 and 537 were able to pull out a victory and keep our alliance undefeated in the elimination rounds.

Thanks for the pic. I was wanting to see what kind of creativity the 4 time nat’l champs would come up with - doesnt seem like it might do well in ATL

We should have video of the St. Louis Elimination rounds up on our website sometime this weekend. We only have our 6 matches but they all have Beatty in them.

We saw lots of 71 and our scouting data told us they would be a good alliance partner. As second seed, we were fortunate to get to pick them (and 537) before 909 did.

The 71 machine and team are awesome and complement our strong defensive abilities. We hope we get to play with them again in Atlanta.