Anyone successfully used two limelights with FMS?



Incorrect netmasks may keep mDNS from working (as it relies on broadcast/multicast). Note the DS netmask must be so it can talk to the field. I personally recommend everything else set statically also use a netmask, although it sounds like setting both the limelight and RIO to netmask worked for you. I also recommend setting the gateway to 10.TE.AM.1.


In addition to what Peter said, I would recommend not setting anything (but the Rio and DS) to an IP ending in 1-5. I would suggest starting with .11.

If the cameras work, you are free to leave it as is, otherwise, this is an extremely good practice.


Thanks for all the details Dustin.

That’s very helpful.



I didn’t read this thread just wanted to let you know that 3309 in their reveal video has an original limelight and a limelight 2.


We had 1 limelight v1 and 1 limelight v2 on our robot all weekend and had no issues.
We set all of our components to static IPs – limelights, robot and driver station.


I’ve never heard of having to do that. Has anyone else been told to do this? What does this change on the driver station?


That is surprising that .4 worked, since according to the FMS specs, that should be the FMS Gateway for your team. As others said, use .10 - .19.


We have posted a “Best Practices” page to the docs. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread! Feel free to post any other tips here.


@ToddF, @Dustin_B @PhilBot

Just wanted to give you guys some feedback on what worked for us at our Week 2 event in Bethesda. We basically followed Dustin’s settings and procedure with the following exceptions:

  1. We didn’t install Bonjour on the driver station laptop – trying to avoid mDNS on the driver station laptop altogether.

  2. using .11 and .12 addresses for the limelights

  3. we left the driver station laptop using DHCP for both the wireless and wired ethernet ports. Mainly so we don’t have to switch both the wireless and wired connections back and forth as we go to and return from competitions.

This worked every time (yes, with reboot before each match). If this failed, we would have switched to static .5 on the driver station, but we never had to.

Hope this helps,


That’s great! Glad it worked for you.