Anyone try Coca-Cola Blak yet?

I just had my first one, and I have to say I like it.

This is a surprise to me, since I’m not a coffee drinker, and it won’t make me one but I think I’m gonna be buying more of these 4 packs at 5 bucks each.

Anyone else try this yet? What do you think?

Don’t much care for Coke (though I do like Vanilla Coke.)

:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: WOW! It doesn’t matter how they taste! You could just mix a Coke and a good cup of Columbian and save a couple of bucks per 4. That article had an interesting other product though, that is a nifty toilet, which got me thinking. If 306 can make the TechnoToilet why not have my team make some $5000 toilets in the offseason… make a neat fundraiser. Or, maybe not… forget I said anything.

Yeah I tried it last week when we first got it in at work (Target), one of the other managers and I were both stumped by the packaging, trying to figure out what exactly it was, finaly we broke down and asked one of the Coke vendors who was still in the building, and he clued us into the coffee flavoring.

We actualy got a couple of 4 packs and had a store wide taste test and alot of people didn’t like it but i ended up finishing off the last bottle on break because it kind of grew on me.

If you dont like coffee i dont recommend it but if you like coffee and your feeling adventurous give it a try.

My favorite description of the taste was definately what one of my guys in the electronics department said “It kind of tastes like biting into a big ball of carmel corn that cooked a little to long and is slightly burned, but in a good way”

I’ll try it. I’m not a cola fan, but I like coffee. It sounds interesting.

Sounds intriguing, I’m probably going to try this, but did they honestly have to be “hip” and misspell Black? That slightly irks me.

havnt tried it yet but im sure i will in atlanta along with many other insane coke flavors with the World of coke being so close by and all. (two of my buddies and i are planning on taking a little trip their around 3ish on wed before nationals if anyone wants to try to meet up there.)

My friends mother was given a test a few weeks ago and she said it was vomit inducing. [gross]coca-cola black[/gross]

Every time Coke releases a new product like this they pretty much fail (imho). Why can’t they just leave a good think alone. I want Coke the way it is, nothing more, nothing less.

No… Kayla, stay away from the caffeine.

I was against going out and trying it… but now I think I will…since Elgin and Kayla drive a hard bargin.

Just so I’m clear on this -
if they put coke in my coffee -
where do I put the cream?


if they put coffee in my coke -
when do I add the cream?

This is kind of Zen -
or maybe just blond -

I work at one of the large grocery stores in our area and the product really isn’t moving off the shelf at all. From the people who buy it, I hear mixed reviews. Most say it has a weird after taste and stuff, but all in all, its ok. Others love it and others completely hate it. I haven’t tried it yet…I’ll get 3 other friends and split it so I’m not stuck with something I hate.

If they hadn’t learned back in the mid 80’s with the “New Coke” then they probably never will. :rolleyes:

I haven’t tried this yet but I will just to see how it is.
I like Coke and I like coffee but I’m not sure I’d like them together.

maybe get a polll going about this??? heard it was a coke + coffe… still yet to try it =/… sems interesting but i dont like coffee so maybe it will break me into it /shrug

I decided it would probably be awesome as a replacement for root beer in a float, but not as an everyday thing. It also bothers me that because of the wrap on it I can’t see how much I have left, but its not bad :slight_smile:

i don’t know, i like coffee and i love coke…but together? sounded gross at first, but i’ll probably end up trying it anyway. maybe it’ll help with the shock of waking up at 5:30 in the morning on the floor in atlanta

so jess, what do you do when you are drinking something out of a can? lol :yikes:

i have yet to try this new drink, but Elgin says its pretty good so i might as well give it a try.

Shock? I wake up at that time every day… but I drink between 2 and 4 cups of coffee to do it…

i do too, but it’s a different shock in a different place, with 2/3 people who you don’t see in the morning, and with the anticipation of the day…in atlanta…it’s a shock

If your looking for an alternative jolt to coffee in the morning you should look into caffeinated gum, 2 sticks = 1 cup of coffee.

They have mints, strips and a few other things I think one company is working into caffeinated lotion.