Anyone try this hall effect controller?

Anyone try this? Claims no dead zone, no drift.

Can it work in wired only mode?

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I wonder if @MarcosL would be willing to post about it.

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I got the controller to play PC games and have been using it for the Nintendo switch. I have only been using it for about 2 weeks but I really like it. I have not used the Xbox controller in a long time but the sticks feel smother then what I remember. For the price, I think It is defiantly worth it compared to an Xbox elite controller. I have seen too many dead Xbox elite controllers.

Also yes it works in wired-only mode. That is how I use it on a PC. It uses the standard Xinput so looks like an Xbox controller.

Here is some quick test I did. If you have any tests you think would be helpful let me know.


Bumping this thread now that I feel confident posting this:

I’ve been using the 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller for a few months now, and it has hall effect sticks made by GuliKit. I have no complaints so far about it, other than that I can’t seem to get it to appear as anything other than an Xbox controller on PC. (So, no gyro controls unless they release an update letting me manually change it to a Switch controller.)

Even though I’m satisfied with it for gaming, there are some things I would be concerned about for FRC. The removable cable may be an issue if a driver moves around a lot and accidentally unplugs the controller, which would be a liability in a match. It auto-detecting which system it’s plugged into is nice, but as I mentioned it can cause problems and is ultimately something I would rather set myself. My ideal version of this controller for FRC would have these two issues resolved with a hardwired or locking USB connection and either a manual mode switch or just dropping Switch mode and the gyro entirely.

At this point in time, I think I would at least recommend trying out the controller if you’re concerned about stick drift. If you’re looking to pick one up, make sure to specifically get the “Ultimate Bluetooth Controller” instead of one of its variations, as those do not have the hall effect sticks as far as I know.

We’ve loved it for 2 years

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How defiant of you not to buy the official one. :wink: