Anyone up for a little game of ultimate frisbee?

So i know all about the socials and proms going on during the week, but at the social that we went to (Wisconsin regional) it was pretty much 700 people crammed onto 3 basketball courts. WOuld anyone/anyteam be interested in playing a good old game of ultimate frisbee on Wednesday or Thursday? Even if you dont know how to play we would be glad to show anyone new!

There tends to always be some frisbee happening at the competition. If you’re talking about a more formal game some point when the pits are closed, I’m sure you can find people who are interested. Depending on when and where you were thinking, I might be available.

I dont know how to play but im willing to learn when I get there.

Awesome! Just look out for flying discs in the area and come on over its tons of fun!

I will get some of us from team 79 to come over! I love playing(even though I totally suck) aha.

i would like to play… but i dont know if i will be available…

team 88 is always up for a good game of ultimate. Just look for us in the tie dye we are always looking for a challenge.

During lunch. I will try my hardest. Something is really appealing about running around chasing stuff.

Maybe I was born to be a dog.

I know that 1732 (The Hilltoppers) play Ultimate Frisbee all the time. You’ll have good luck with them.

Yeah, I’m sure some of us will be playing at some point. Sometimes I think our driver is looking foward more to playing frisbee than driving the robot. My frisbee skills, well, make Tavaris Jackson look like an accurate passer and Adrian Peterson a good reciever.

Dan, you know im down. Are we still playing tomarrow with all the guys?

Sounds like a plan to me!!

I’ll do it when i get free time (lunch or something)

There is no need to reply.

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Im game for trying, just don’t know if i’ll be able to pull myself out of the pit…:yikes:

depending on what time… and if i have time ill try to come down on thursday… i can probably find a couple of ppl from my team willing to play as well… id say im decent at frisbee throwing, im a little rusty tho…

Hmm, unfortunately the other thread doesn’t show up on the Portal for most people…like me!

So I’ll post the same smack talk here …
If anyone wants a schooling on Ultimate, just come find me :cool:. Most of my FRC team is full of soccer fans though, so I’ll need to be adopted.

I know i would love to play and there are several other members of my team who would be thrilled as well.

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