Anyone using live feed at competition?

I was wondering if anyone has actually streamed live video from the camera on their robot to their classmate PC during a match this year, and how well it works. Did it continuously stream smoothly, or did it freeze up at times?

Lots of folks are. I’ve seen them at two regionals so far.

Ours streams without jumps and is smooth, however, the drivers don’t really look at it much. The coach watches it sometimes.

We have .2 seconds of lag and it is REALLY great. On average we scored 6-7 goals per match, the camera was a fundamental part of doing this. We have the camera positioned so that it can see the ball which allows us to pull up to it at the correct angle and grab it with our vacuum. Then we use it to aim and get the shot every time.

Did you have your driver looking at it or did you have the operator or coach use it to give the driver directions?

I haven’t had a first-hand look during a match of our feed, but our main drive team hasn’t noted any problems with it. Usually our main driver wawtche the bot and glances down to the display, the guy with the big kick button and speed control watches it to kick when we are lined up, and the coach just watches the entire field. And then I’m in my little corner waiting for them to score :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this year it might have been more useful to put the camera at an area where the bumpers don’t block the view of your kicking mechanism. It’s a touch placement, since you want to be able to see the ball but still be able to see where you are kicking. As HP I have noticed many near-zone teams having trouble because they don’t see if they are pushing the ball…and they don’t hear me yelling to go a bit more to the right

Thanks for the responses, much appreciation.

I am the driver and I look at it 65% of the time I’m driving.