Anyone using new Pigeon2?

We’re trying to use the new Pigeon 2.0, and just discovered that the API from the Pigeon to the Pigeon2 has changed. I’m failing to find any reference of the new API and hoping there’s some official guidance on how the Pigeon 1.0 and 2.0 APIs relate to each other. Before I just dive into the CTRE implementation code.

Has anyone out there gotten the Pigeon 2.0 working in Java?

OK, I’m thinking I’m suppose to use the WPI_pigeon2 class? But it doesn’t have methods like setFusedHeading(), setAccumZAngle(), getFusedHeading() don’t exist.

There’s a description of API changes in the HW user manual. Specifically fused heading isn’t used since yaw is a fused heading

This hardware user manual?’s%20Guide.pdf Am I missing something?

OK, so the only “documentation” I have found is the example implementation at

Looks like we want to do this:

Section 1.7

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