Anyone Using "Stamper" Modems?

This year we splurged and got the Stamper modems for wirelessly programming our robot. Unfortunately we have yet to get them to work. Electrowave will not support them because we purchased it through InnovationFirst and InnovationFirst has yet to return our calls regarding them. Before we send them back to IF, I was just wondering if any other teams are using them and if so how easy were they to setup?


We have used them for the past two years. We have had some problems, but worked through them all. Can you describe what problems you are having? Like what lights are on on each modem, what PC configuration you are using, etc. Also, has it ever worked for you (like even once).


Our team has been using them reliably both this year and last year. I don’t recall having any real problems with them.

There has been about two times when the download has stopped halfway, and the PBASIC editor gave me a hardware communication error. But other than that, we’ve never had any problems.

The biggest thing though: make sure the robot stamper is the correct modem (not the regular robot controller modem), that it’s plugged into the program port, and that you have it plugged into a PWM output so it can get power.

Good to know that they do work for some teams out there. The stamper version I’m using is v1.39 and the pbasic editor we’re using is 2.5 on a Win2000 system. Programming works just fine with the serial cable (com2) but when I replace it with the Stamper modems - the pBasic editor can’t Identify anything. The only lights that are on the modems are the Transmit lights for both the mobile unit and the base. I did make sure to plug the mobile unit into a pwm port and the program port. I also used the Configuration Utility to set them to different channels, but to no avail.

Does any of this stand out to anyone? I’m I missing something? I’ll try to get a hold of IF again, but being a teacher on the west coast - by the time school is out, east coast businesses are closed.


Sounds like you are doing everything correctly. Here are a few more things to try:

> Make sure the serial connection block on the robot-side stamper is oriented correctly - the black wire of the PWM cable powering the stamper should be facing toward the stamper

> Disable all ports in the PBASIC editor except for the one you are using.

>Sometimes you have to hit Ctrl-R a bunch of times in a row to get it to kick in

>You said you changed the channel. Use the config software to put both modems back to their factory configuration – that should work fine; you don’t really need to change the channel. Note that when you are re-programming the robot-side modem, you need to take off the adapter.

>If all else fails, Call Ewave again – it is their product, even if Innovation FIRST sold it. We had a problem once where the stamper on the robot suddenly stopped working. The tech guy at Ewave was super helpful – I had even called him on a Sunday. He talked me through a bunch of diagnostics, then determined that one of the internal circuits had been blown, we overnighted it back to him, he replaced the internal board and overnighted it back to us (there was a repair charge since they were out of warranty)

Hope some part of that helps…