Anyone want to move to Hawaii?

I came across a news story about an organization that will pay for airfare and accommodation for people who are working remotely to relocate to Hawai’i. The purpose of this organization is “to recruit talented professionals to diversify our island economy by relocating to Hawaiʻi”.

It would be a great place to spend the last few years of my working life and mentor some Hawaiian FRC teams. Unfortunately, my work requires a lot of time in the lab here in Houston :cry:



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I wonder if I could teach a class in Virginia from Hawaii…

This is a pretty decent representation of my desired answer to “where do you see yourself in X years?”


That offer is quite tempting… hmmm…


That wave is gonna wreck his entire setup.


Ordinarily I’d say “darn it my computer is broken”, but then I remember I’m in Hawaii so it’s all good.


The more pressing issue would be the drink and flip-flops that are washed away.

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I’ll have to remember to invest in backups for both.


I don’t see why not. You would probably have to get up pretty early in the morning to cover the classes on Virginia time. That would leave you most of the (Hawaii time) day free :slight_smile: :cocktail: :desert_island:

My neighbor’s brother teaches at a university in a very small town in New Mexico and would come to visit each Christmas, spring break and stay for the summer. This spring, after lockdowns started, he moved here to stay with his sister. He said that a lot of the classes at that university were already online since they were serving students all over NM. He is still here and helps at his sister’s restaurant on the weekends.