Anyone want to sell use Rev UltraPlanetary? Mucho Cheapo swerve V2 construction

Hey guys I am making @Skiddy4795 Cheapo swerve V2 and need to get some motors. Im gonna need to buy or find 8 motors for the bot and wanted to see if anyone had some old ones they could sell used. UltraPlanetary Gearbox Kit & HD Hex Motor - REV Robotics

I am filming the process and will release a YouTube video explaining the construction and programing process. I am in college currently so I am spending as much time as possible on this but I dont have alot of resources. Let me know if you can help! Thank you. Here are the prints and the Cad again all credit to @Skiddy4795


Don’t have any parts personally to offer unfortunately.

Curious as to the reason for your print orientations? With how these parts will be loaded (albeit, relatively minimal loading), I would think the part would be much stronger if you printed it “flat”, so to speak. In the current orientation, I would be possibly worried about the layers delaminating when under load.

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to be honest my 2 printers are in the mail. My university printed it like this and I agree it probably would have been better to print flat. I will add a note to print flat on the next parts until my 2 printers arrive. thank you

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Ah, so this is a university tech cam moment. I was wondering about the orientations as well.
Every part should be printable flat and very few will need supports. I did use a raft for the forks tho, to avoid elephants foot within the bearing wells.

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Picture of a Makerbot Gen 5

My university printed it like this

Say no more


Aww no, just throw a [nozzle diameter] chamfer on the bottom face, it really eliminates elephant foot and gives you a point to get under with a scraper if you are too close to the bed. Go a hair larger (2x diameter) and you can sometimes get a bit of help centering too.

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This is probably close and a lot cheaper:

You’ll need to adapt the output shaft.


Might be able to help on the motors. I’d have to check but we only have the HD hex motors because we bought kits instead of just getting gearboxes. I think it was cheaper to get the gearboxes we wanted with motors we weren’t going to use. Of course if it is still cheaper to get the kit than just the gearboxes, there’s probably not much point. Anyway, I could look around and see if the other mentors care about the motors.

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Awesome, yeah let me know about that. Either way thanks for commenting :slight_smile: I appreciate it!

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the motors.

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