Anyone with steam counter-strike

Someone on my team made a counter strike map of last years playing field. So now im going to host a server and let people come ride our robot around on last years field. If you would like to add your robot to the field please pm me and I will give you info of how to make it. He is currently working on this years map and we will be adding it to the server shortly.

my ip is to connect add it to ur favorites in steam and then join.

sweet, tell us when it’s up

it should be up now try to connect to that ip… if its not working tell me

no, it isn’t seeing your server there

not there on port 27015…is it on another port?..if not i can put it on a dedicated server.

I dont no why its not working i want to and thats they ip it told me. I do have a router though that might mess it up. help please!

Adding master server is what it said when i changed the sv_lan to 0

There is alot to set up…and it could take some time…if u want to just send me the map i can host it

Here: i got it up @ ip:


still nothing. maybe i’m doing it wrong.

the .WAD from the map doesnt work

its being fixed now the make of the map is send his stuff to the guy that is setting up the dedicated server!!! WOOT. our team is 1089 and the server is from a guy on 195

if you want the map download the zip from

then extract the zip to:

if you have steam example:
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\[email protected]\counter-strike\cstrike

this would be the same for you but in stead of [email protected] it would be your e-mail address.

if you have 1.5 then it would be:

if you do it right you should be able to play the game i double checked it but if you have any trouble just post it.

I resently had some free time so i remade the counter-strike map to the 2004 game. Installing is the same as the last map, and I know it works for a fact, if it doesnt work youre doing something wrong.

You can push around the mobile goals, and explode the 2x ball in the center. I also balanced the map more so its not so terrorist sided.

If you hosting the map on a server people will have to download the map before hand since .wad’s do not automatically download from servers.