Anything is Possible

30 second commercialfrom

This reminds me of an effort going on here in Kokomo.

AndyMark, Inc. is located in a technology park, called Inventrek. Recently, Inventrek management created some ads to help stimulate innovation in our area. 3 companies were profiled in these ads. You may know some people in one of these commercials (located at the bottom of this web page).

From what I have heard, they have many more responses from innovators than they expected.

Andy B.

I love how people in the youtube comments are arguing whether this is “fake” or not. :slight_smile:

looks like a joke

True, this video is fake, and I kinda feel sorry for people who didn’t notice that… there was no gravity pulling him sideways as he was riding walls, a rivet gun would punch holes in the lining in his tire, and the bike moved easily forward, yet froze when he went up the wall and was pulling back on it.

americans invent useless @#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#