Anyway to do a soft/quick reset to access a newly uploaded program faster?

I have a couple of questions in regards to the resets that are required to run a program just uploaded to the robot’s control panel. Our team is using the 2009 kitbot parts and WindRiver/C++, if that’s important to the reset process.

  1. Does the robot itself have to be turned off then back on (or can I leave it on and just reset the control panel?)
  2. Is there a better/faster way to reset the control panel than simply unplugging and replugging the A/C adapter?

If by “control panel” you mean the cRio. 'cause I know that I have the cRio hooked up via the serial to the computer and then have hyper terminal up, and just type “reboot”. This reboots ONLY the cRio and it goes through a full boot cycle. And you can find how to setup hyper terminal with the cRio in section 5 of the control system documents.

Look closely at the cRio, near where the power plugs in. There’s a tiny black button labeled “reset”. You can press this (probably with the tip of a pen, or a small screwdriver) to reset.

Alternatively, you can connect to the console and type “reset”. For more information on this, see section 5.4 of the Control System Manual.