Aoutonomous with Navx

I’m 7748 Techtolia mentor. We want to write the 2nd year of our team and the autonom return code with navx. We have a 4-motor drivetrain , we use our motor drives Victorspx and PWM.
We want to take a turn in the autonomous period by taking the angle value from navx mxp.
Urgent help please, as we have 1 day left for our region.

We also want to rotate with the key.

There’s a number of great examples for this, including NavX’s own docs.

For a very simplified bot and example, you can find an old one (for generic gyros) here:

The general principal is simply this:

  • Figure out what angle you want to go to
  • Figure out what angle you’re at
  • Use that difference to generate an Error term, either manually (with a gain multiplier to create a simple P controller) or with a full PID controller.
  • That generates your Turn output, which can be fed into drivetrain.arcadeDrive(0,turnOutput)
  • To drive along that direction, you do the same thing with a non-zero forward value. (just make sure you’re facing the intended direction before you start driving)

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