AP Calculus


Alright. So i know this is like the nerdiest request out there… but… lol. I’m going to ask anyways.

First off… you’ll need: http://www.collegeboard.com/prod_downloads/ap/students/calculus/ap04_frq_calculus_bc.pdf

Anywho… what i’m really wondering about are the answers to #'s 5 & 6. To whoever may attempt them… lol. yes. you’ll need to know Calculus… specifically logistic differential equations and Taylor series… heh. fun stuff :slight_smile:

So yea… if ya know how to do those, and have nothign better to do… try to solve them and throw an answer up if ya know it :slight_smile:


Half of those questions were identical to the AB examination.

Myself, and my entire class got owned on the no calculator free response section. Many blank answer booklets were turned in :smiley:


Wow… that AMAZES me how half of them are identical to the AB. I took the AB exam myself, I’ll agree… there were some tricky parts, but I felt pretty comfortable actually that I did get some partial credit on the really pain-in-the-butt ones.

I took the AB exam as well and there was definitely at least one tricky but my teacher said you should always answer the FR even if it is wrong because you can still get some points.

when i took the ap calculus test, the AB students took the first portion of it, and the BC students took both the first and second portions.

at least, that is what i recall them telling us. that might explain the similarity between the two tests.

Just to let yall know…

BC is just AB with a few extra things thrown in… the biggest being Sequence and Series (Which i don’t really understand… lol)

Anywho… yea. On the BC exam, you get an AB subscore too… so… there has to be overlapping questions. And yes. 3 of the 6 on the BC were the same as the AB ones. And funny how, out of the 3 BC only ones, i didn’t get 2 of them… LOL. Eh. i still think i did well on the test. Just the last two free responces threw me for a loop :slight_smile:

I thought this year’s AP Exam was tough… especially the non-calculator FR questions. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see, I’m hoping for a +3 :]


ok, seriously…

5a) for g(0) you just plug in 0 for x, so you have the integral from -3 to 0 of f(t) which is just the area under the curve on that interval (which is a trapezoid).

for g’(0), you take the derivative of g(x) first which is f(x)(1) - f(-3)(0), or just simply f(x). plug in 0 (look at the graph).

5b) g(x) is the integral of f(t), so f(t) is the derivative of g(x). any time your derivative changes sign from + to -, you have a maximum. look at the graph at x=3.

5c) you start the same way you did with part b, only looking for changes in sign from - to + (x=4). however, since it’s checking for an absolute (rather than relative min), you have to check the functional value at whatever point you get as well as at your endpoints. i remember this part took a while.

5d) when the second derivative (f’(t) in this case) has a change in sign (equals 0), you have a point of inflection (x=1). keep in mind that a curve is not differentiable at a cusp (x=-3, for instance).

6a) they give you a differential equation, and remember that a derivative is the slope of a tangent line at a given point. plug in the coordinates for the given points to get the slopes for each point and sketch. for example, at (1,2), the slope would be 1, so you draw a 45 degreeline through (1,2).

6b) this will be easy to do if you can see the slope field.

6c) use separation of variables to integrate and solve for y. then plug in 0 for x and 3 for y to solve for C (constant of integration) and substitute back in.

hope that clears things up for you.

…and i just did the AB questions. that’s what happens at 1:30am. sigh

I know I didn’t particularly enjoy this section either, seeing as I was too busy working on the robot to study :stuck_out_tongue:

yea the BC FR no calc was killer…but 1 of 3 with a good try at the others can still get a 3 right…

the worst part is that my teacher told me that they always put taylor series and logistical diffeqs on there…so i should have studied those closer i guess thats what i get…

but guys remember…if you ever discuss the specific problems and answers to the multiple choice questions the college board is gonna come and restrict you from taking future tests or prosecute you or kill you or something along those lines…so watch your back because the college board is always watching you

What’s the deal with the multiple choice questions? It seems really stupid how secure they try to be with the multiple choice… I’d love to see what the heck they were talking about with some of those really awkward multiple choice problems.

My guess is that they may reuse some of the problems from year to year… or every couple of years… They only do that because it’s really hard to make good problems. Anywho… they don’t want people going around talking about the mulit-choice, because it would give an unfair advantage to next year’s test-takers. - That’s the only reason I can think of.

Now, in terms of if they ever release the multi-choice questions, i think the answer is “yes”, they do. Our teacher (who’s really big into the entier AP thing, and owns like every book to review for it), gave us copies of the multi-choices from like the 1997 & 1998 AP tests. SO… they may release the answers questions after 5 years or something. But, either way, until then the AP doesn’t want you talking about specific multi-choice problems. And, since i personally don’t want my score voided and banned from feature AP tests… i guess there’s nothing i can do… lol :slight_smile:


I think they reuse them, this one kid in my AP english class said he saw one of the passages in a prep book…

The multiple choice problems may be reused or VERY similar for 5 years. Then they are released. Thus, this year’s multiple choice should be completely new since the last released version was in 1998. I just got out of my AP Physics exam and am way too tired… AP Chem tomorrow morning and I’m done!

AP Physics was rough rough rough rough rough. Did you take B or C and Mech or E&M or both? I did C MECH. When you get done with a 45 minute FR in 15 min because you have no idea…that’s a problem.

You can talk about free response all you want…its just those Mult. choice

and yes i also thought 5 was rather difficult (a and b mostly)

Hahaha, I did the same thing on the same test :smiley:

And I hope the AP police aren’t watching me, because they’ll probably haul me off to collegeboard’s jail :smiley:

Too bad I failed all my tests this year. Voiding my results would be a plus :smiley:


Wow physics c was def the hardest and most involved exam of the year by far (i took mech and e & m) the mechanics isnt the bad part, the e & m is much harder in my opinion and ill probably only get a 3 at most on that one haha. Calc BC didnt compare to phsycis c.