AP Classes

I’m wondering what AP classes other FIRSTer’s are taking.

I’m taking AP Calculus AB and AP Physics C:Mechanics & Forces.(this year :D)…
Next Year: AP Physics C E & M, AP Calculus BC, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, and AP US Government & Politics

Calc AB and US History.

We’ve started doing practice tests recently in my Calc class… man, that’s gonna be a fun test to take :rolleyes:

I took world history last year, and I’ll be taking a smattering next year, as well. (including Physics B and Statistics.)

Physics B and US History this year

Calc AB, Prob/Stat, and World History next year.

ap physics c (electronics and mechanics), ap us history, ap macroeconomics

ap physics c loves to take away precious sleep, especially since im still in precalc :frowning:

I’m taking CompSci A, Calculus AB, and US History… still need to do more last minute studying. :eek:

Took World History last year. Next year, taking US Gov, Physics B, Calc BC, and maybe Stats.

This year: AP World History and AP Lang and Comp
Next year: AP Calc, AP Bio, AP Physics, AP Lit,

I wish it would qualify as an AP, but we also have a double block honors robotics seminar and independent study at our school that most MORT students take.

Soph Year: AP World History
Junior: AP Calculus AB, Biology, US History
Senior: AP Statistics, English Lit, Government

This year, US History, Calculus AB, and Physics C (Mech and E&M).

Next year, Micro and Macroeconomics, US Government, and Environmental Science.


AP Calculus BC and AP English Lit.

Those are half the AP classes my school offers (but they’re adding more! …after I graduate). I couldn’t take AP Biology or AP American History because of schedule conflicts.

I am really looking forward to the Calc. BC exam, though. I guess this is what I’ve been looking forward to for most of my life. I’ve always loved mathematics, and now I get to demonstrate my skill. Yay!

Unfortunately, I’m not looking forward to the Lit. exam because, ultimately, scoring well on it doesn’t benefit me – I still have to take two semesters of English. I guess that’s what I get for being on the Honors College.

I’m taking four AP classes this year: Physics B (Our school doesn’t have a class for Physics C, though some students still choose to take the C-Mechanics Exam), Calculus BC, Statistics, and Microeconomics.

Soph Year: AP Chem
Junior Year: AP US History, AP Calc AB, AP Comp Sci A
Senior Year: AP Calc BC, AP Physics C (E&M), AP Comp Sci AB, AP Macro/Micro Econ

Physics C is awesome…our teacher is very chill and you can always compare things, we calculate slippage on the regolith.
Calc just got my interset up again,
AP Comp Sci is a really really really easy class (I think I got a 90% on the AB test)
AP Econ is easy and fun, it gives you good knowledge of how to run a business and makes you keep upto the news in the world, as well my teacher is hilarious.

My suggesstions is not to tak AP US History (it wasnt the best class for me, not enough math) but other than that I liked every class I took (cept AP Chem, I had a tough time in that class)

I’ve taken AP Bio for the past 13 years straight. And I always get a perfect score for the final…

I’m taking AP Psychology and AP Environmental Science this year… Only problem is that both tests are on the same day… That’ll suck.

I was supposed to take Chemistry, Calc AB and BC, English and US History. Thank god I got into a new school and now I’m only taking AP Chemistry and Calc if I place into them. Yay laziness!

Just AP Lit this year…

planning on AP Lang, and Calc AB next year.

Next year I’m taking…

AP Calc AB
AP English language and comp
AP Bio
AP US history

This year:
World History
Junior Year:
US History
BC calculus
English- i have no clue which one
Physics B-at our school they dont actually count the class as an AP
Senior Year:
Multivariable calculus-thru george Mason university
English- again i dont know which
Physics C

I took AP Calculus BC and AP Chemistry last year.

I’m taking AP Physics C (both Mechanics and E&M) and AP Statistics this year.

Statistics is a silly AP. I can’t stand that they get to ask a one line question and expect a five part response. Not to mention, the grading system for the free response is ridiculously subjective. :rolleyes:

I have taken, am taking, or will be taking: AP European History, AP United States History, AP English, AP Government, (AP of Dual Enrollment) Economics, and possibly AP Biology

Last year (junior year) I took AP Chem, and I feel lucky my brain didn’t ooze out of my head when I was done.

This year, Calc AB and AP Lit. I wanted to take AP Physics, but my school doesn’t offer it so I took honors physics.

I’m geeking out about the upcoming AP tests. Lit is going to be easy but Calc…not so much. We’re doing practice tests and I can’t believe how much stuff I forgot just this year. I need an external HDD for my brain.

Hopefully by senior year, I will be taking AP Calculus AB, and AP Physics. Im set for AP physics, but I have to advance another step in math, which should happen, since I have a 97% average in my math class this year…