AP Comp Sci Scores

What did you all get? I got a 4, well not too bad for my first AP test of my Highschool career

Did you call in or did they mail them out?

I haven’t gotten mine…and I don’t plan to pay MORE money to find out what I got.

This is for general AP scores, but I believe they’re mailed out from west to east.

I got a 5… back when i took it in 2001 :stuck_out_tongue: Aside from switching the test to Java from C++, I wonder if they’ve made it any more difficult over the past decade. Then again, i had a slight edge on most people, having been programming since 5th grade.

I live in California and I got it in the mail, Java is a lot easier than C++ assuming the C++ one tested on pointers and pointer arthemetics and stuff like that

Scores in the East are in the mailbox by the third week of July.

Definitely not any more difficult. As a matter of fact, I was incredibly disappointed to find that this year they removed the AB test and now only offer the A test. You can’t even opt for a more difficult one anymore.

More to the point, I’m in Minnesota and haven’t received my scores yet. I’ll report back when I do, but I am pretty darned confident that I got a 5.