AP Computer Science

Today is the AP National Exam for Computer Science!

I know I’m about to leave in 5 minutes for it, remember, don’t be late! :eek:

Good luck to everyone taking it!

I’ll be taking it this morning at 7:30! Leaving in about 10 minutes, and I’m getting rather nervous :ahh:

Good luck everyone.

Best of luck to all of you taking this exam.
Clearly, the traffic lights of North America need better software people. :ahh:
Really, I hope you youngsters do very well.

Randall Munroe would disagree.

That’s cute – though it seems he rather agrees with me with regard to the general condition of traffic control. :o

In any event, I was actually making reference to this thread…

Took the test, and wow, I thought it was a breeze, as did most people I talked to afterward.

FRQs are a JOKE:D Seriously I could have passed without even taking the class (Not an overstatement, I am serious)

I took the the test last year and slightly messed up on one of the free response. The problem asked me to write a class that had x requirements, but part a only asked for one of the requirement. I really didn’t read all of part a (nor part b for that matter). So I end up writing page length code for part a, reading part b, realizing I already wrote that in part a, but needed it in the answer area for part b. Thus, the madness ends with lots of rewriting/crossing out.

Moral of the Story: Read all the questions before you do any coding, and then read them again.

I’m still looking for a pencil with a copy/paste function on it, no luck thus far…