AP Lit. and Comp. Free Response

It’s been more than 48 hours now, so we can discuss it. What did you write on? How do you think you did? Did you finish it?

I wrote on Scarlet Letter, having read it for my American Lit. class. The odd thing was, that of the six books we read in AP to prepare, none of them were suggested for the free response. I think the essay turned out fairly good, and I was able to finish with a few extra minutes to try and work some of the pain out of my hand.

I thought it was really easy, mostly because our teacher had us read The Awakening this year, along with *Their Eyes Were Watching God *and A Doll’s House. We literally read *A Doll’s House *the last class before the exam AND discussed the relation to The Awakening. Welcome to we got really really really lucky. I finished well before the time alloted, although i always tend to do that:rolleyes:

I only took the Composition exam. I thought the three essays were pretty easy, especially the one concerning the New York Time’s article about giving away all our money except what we need to end world hunger and disease. It’s so obviously flawed and just would not work at all. I went on to point out, as Daniel Quinn does in his book Ishmael, as population increases, so will the demand for food and instances of disease. There are roughly 6 billion people in the world, and yet we’re producing food for 6 1/2 billion. And millions still starve. It’s an endless cycle that will not stop. The more food we produce, the more the population of the world will increase and continue to cause problems.

The true solution is population control.

Anyways, that was one of my responses in summary form.

When do you know how you did on these essays?

The reason why I ask is this: I think that these are the essays my brother is grading within a few weeks. He is a composition professor at a University, and he has signed up to grade AP Composition essays for 1 week this summer. I’ll bug him about it so he can give me feedback regarding some of the stuff he graded.

Andy B.

typically scores come back in July/Aug and since there are only 2 writing AP exams there is a good chance he might be grading their exams. As far as i know they cover names so don’t get your hopes up kiddies i doubt Andy’s friend can help you :stuck_out_tongue:

The test scores are first avaliable July 1 by phone, the phone number is on our student packs. We don’t get specific feedback on our essays however ( as far as i know) we just get our 1-5 AP score.

Ryan, I didn’t know you could take just a composition exam, what was the test? Since we had 1 hour multiple choice, 2 hours writing, what did you have?

Yes, I think that these are the ones that my brother is grading. He flies down to Florida, concentrates on grading essays for 1 week in June, and flies home. For 1 week of work, that is his summer job.

Andy B.

i think ryan was talking about the ap lang and comp exam. i took that also. i have no idea how i did…i did worse than usual though. i usually get a 7 or 8 on my essays in class…but whatever. it’s the MC that i was really worried about…

Yes, I was talking about the Language and Composition exam.

The multiple choice wasn’t too bad all in all, though I think my essays will pull me up. I’m hoping for a 4, but I would be fine with a 3.

I wrote on Othello. My AP class does things a little differently. Instead of choosing a work on the recommended list to write on when we get the test, we choose our work a month ahead of time from the AP books we read during the year, mostly classic Brit lit. During the month we read the work, and a secondary back up work a few times and memorize quotes and themes from the text that we predict will be relevant to the test. Since the AP free response question is usually applicable to almost any book “of comparable literary merit” as the suggested works, this works pretty well, I dont think anyone in my class had a problem.

I don’t really think any question could have suprised me though, part of our prep was reading through the last 21 years of free response questions… :yikes:

I wrote on the The Fountainhead. The essays were pretty easy (although the short story on the birthday party had me a bit worried at first lol). The MC wasn’t too bad either… although the free verse poem, Pictures, at the end pretty much stood up and kicked my butt. but oh well- no worries until july! :rolleyes: woohoo! no more AP English!!!