AP Physics C Mechanics Practice Exam - Robot edition

Anyone taking an AP Physics C Mechanics class? Here is a practice exam for you. We will post a solution by Worlds or if FRC4188 makes it to Worlds, come visit us for a hard copy!
This exam is a little heavy on rotation and it could use some more broad problem solving - some of the parts are shorter than many real AP Mech question parts. But it is Deep Space themed so it must be fun!


This is too good :joy:. I’m taking Physics 4A at a local community college, which covers essentially all of the material on your test. I might work through it if I find myself with some extra time and a desire to do more math than I have to (like never?) :joy:

Why isn’t there a random “solve using integral calculus” statement? Or a “set up but do not solve a differential equation for…”?

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where are the MC? this is only 1/2 the test. Fake news :wink:

Answering a question incorrectly results in a yellow card. Two consecutive wrong answers turns into a red card (or am I mixing up tests?)

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Q1: Parts a and b OK; Part c onwards needs missing informationg about mass and mass distribution to calculate the arm’s moment of inertia compared to that of the cargo.
Q3d: Are you assuming that Primus has no atmosphere? 'Cause the sandstorms totally contradict that. And without that assumption, there’s not enough information.

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For Mech 2: Do you assume the system is ideal and rigid (probably beyond AP Physics)? Do you assume the gearbox is 100% efficient?
For Mech 3: Launch is vertical and orbit is circular, right?

Whoa there old timer, next thing you know you’ll be asking them to solve a problem using a slide rule and a card reader. Both before my time, barely before my time.

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