AP test results

Who was dissapointed in thier results? I was, they gave me a ridiculously low score of 1 on the Physics B test… and i knew most of it!!! atleast enough to get a 3

What’s an “AP Test”? Us Canadians don’t understand your American ghetto lingo. :wink:

(watch me eat my words when you tell me you’re Canadian)

Nah, he’s Californian. :slight_smile:

Matt, I’m so disapointed in you… :yikes:

I got a 4 on the IB Physics, which is probably like a 3 for AP. :smiley:

AP Physics C Mechanics-1
AP English Lit-1
Ap Calculus AB-1

Im not even explaining why my scores are so low.


I was not disappointed in my score- I was expecting to get a one or zero if that were possible. I felt like that test chewed me up and spit me out. But I ended up getting a score of 3 on AP chem. I told my mom it was because they felt sorry for me because I didn’t answer half the mandatory questions.

My scores must be so bad that they didn’t even bother sending them to me.

or maybe I just haven’t gotten them yet :]

I dont think they sent them out yet, but you can call a number and pay 8 bucks i think to hear your grades.

What is with schools now and only taking 5’s? Jeez…

I got a 4 on my AP chemistry exam… I got up and danced around for about 2 hours.
As for AP Calc, well… the phone service thing messed up and didn’t tell me, so I have to wait for the thing to come in the mail. But, the fact that I got a 4 on AP Chem makes me so amazingly happy. Purdue accepts a 4 for the same credits as a 5 too, which makes it great.

AP scores have been sent out… But if you haven’t gotten them yet, expect them probably sometime this week.
Got a 4 on the Bio test. Didn’t get up and dance around for a couple hours but I did bounce around the house for a while. :smiley: Or was that the sweet tea… Kinda disappointed in my French score (3) but eh, after reading my bio score, I didn’t really care. And now, to resume my bouncing off the walls, whee!

hehhe… I won’t make you eat your words, because I think every Canadian highschool should offer AP tests.

I wrote Calc BC and Physics: Mechanics AP tests at Woburn back in 1999. I don’t even know if they’re offered anymore. But they weren’t too crazy. I never took AP classes, but we had OAC back then, and there was a LOT of common material.

I scored 4s across the board pretty comfortably. Chalk it up to solid teachers like Mark Breadner, the current UFH.

Doing these allowed me to skip a lot of freshman classes, and get a nice head start.

Definitely worth taking, especially since I’m pretty sure Canadian Universities accept them too!

results are back? oh yes… now i’m going to nag the mailman.

we shall see how i measured up on all 6 of my tests >.<

I passed Bio and USH w/ flying colors, I’m so happy! dances around

a list of which canadian universities that accept ap credit can be found here

Well, in 2k2 I pwned AP Statistics with a 3. (And that was when I completely slacked off first semester, much to my grade’s chagrin.)

And in 2k3 I pwned US History with another 3. (This time I didn’t play.)

Now I’ve got American Government. Dunno what I got…I’m hoping for a three. I felt like I did well.

Most colleges require at least a 4 now to count your AP exam for credit, some require 5’s. I don’t think a 3 is going to cut it for many universities anymore.

It does at the University of South Carolina, which is all that matters to me. (For some tests, USC gives more credit for fours and fives, but I’ll be alright with my three.)

Turns out that between that and my placement tests, I’ve freebied about fifteen hours. Ka. Ching. :smiley:

Last year I took:

US History: 4
Physics B: 5
English writing: 4

This year I took:

Chemistry: ? <edit> 5
Calc BC: ? <edit> 5, subscore 5

I am willing to bet that I got 5’s on both of those, though, I felt really good about the tests. <edit> I was right! they were in my mailbox when I posted this.

Last year i got a 3 on the AP Euro History, which sux vuz UVA doesnt take a 3 and the test was really easy, my essays were crap.

This year i’m waiting for AP Psychology, US History, Biology, and English 11.
Im guessing a 4,3,2,1 in the order I listed above

I’m kind of surprised everyone is so eager to post their scores… But I guess among us nerds, its alright to discuss such matter, right?

it’s kind of that whole…“Is it ok to have students’ grade other students’ work because of the whole invasion of privacy thing?” but then the first thing students do is tell each other what they got. it’s a wierd wierd world.


Eng. Comp. - 4 (not a really hard test…but my hand hurt)
AB Calculus - 5 (little tougher…thank God I got a five)
Physic C Mech. - 1 (really hard…walked out with a pain between my cheeks) :slight_smile: (hoped they wouldn’t give me a negative score)