AP Test scores are out

Just what it says, you can get them by phone for 8 dollars 1-888-308-0013.

How did you find out? On collegeboard it says they don’t come out until July 1st.
By the way, thanks for letting us know =).
Keep in mind that you need your social security number and a credit card.

2 ap gov
3 ap eng lit
4 ap stats
4 ap bio
5 ap calc bc
(i’m fine with it)

Some one on the RPI forum found out, how did every one do?

5 on Calc ab
3 on Chem

The cost is $8 if you don’t want to use your ssn then you can use your ap number if you have it somewhere.


I got a 4 on chem…not bad.

I’m just going to wait to get mine by mail because my scores probably aren’t going to be worth the $8 :o

he he. same here. i know i definitely bombed AP US History…those essays were tough. i did ok on the AP Psychology though.

You have to pay to get the scores of a test you are forced to take?

Talk about a monopoly. I want in on this scheme.

Not all schools force you to take the AP exam for the AP class you are in

Doesn’t it reek of “Gypsum, Cheetem, and Howe Attorneys at Law”?* :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Just say it out loud if you don’t get it. :wink:

Elgin, that $8 is a lot cheaper then a semester of calculus at any college I’ve ever heard of.


AP tests are voluntary (unless your school makes you take them, I suppose), and the scores are free if you wait for them to mail them out.

Wow, is my school weird in not forcing the tests upon us?

I’ll wait for them to come in the mail.

We are forced to take the AP tests if we take the class but we don’t have to pay for the tests (our school caters to underpriveleged students). So i figured, relief > suspense. For 8 dollars after a whole year of work? sure. Plus, it’s divided over all the APs I take.

You’re a lucky one, Neha. We are forced to take the AP test for each class we are in AND pay $85 per exam. Like Wetzel said, though, they have enormous moneysaving potential.

I actually feel good about the US History exam. I studied every minute for the entire week before the exam and it was worth all of it (Princeton Review; you saved me). However, I am really glad it is over and I can now focus of more important things, like ChiefDelphi and summer robotics projects. :smiley:


It is money saving though. I just knocked out 5 classes, so technically I’m a semester ahead. Our school didn’t force us, but i think if you are taking an AP class, you should be prepared for an AP exam too. I didn’t have to pay for AP exam, but if i had too i would not hesitate, because i still save bunch of money and most importantly “TIME”.

Just got my scores in the mail today, 4 in AP US History!
Which makes me happy, because I thought I bombed the essays.

sad mine aren’t here
I hope they come soon! I leave on Sunday for two weeks!

Exact same here, got a 4 and I thought I bombed the essays as well.

Yea… but most still charge around $80 to take it…