AP Tests for Students

I am currently in two AP classes and I would like to know if anyone had already started, established, or found a time and place for students to make a study group for those students taking AP tests considering the tests are the week after Champs. If there is not anything already planned, does anyone know how we could set up something like this?
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With 4 APs, I’d be interested in this.

Is anybody staying at the Residence Inn? One mentor suggested organizing review sessions with other teams there.

A note for some of you going through the testing. Remember that while studying is really important, being physically fit is also very important and critical to your success.

When I went to competitions, I was usually very tired by the last day, and sometimes that sleep deprivation carried into the next week. My advice would be to study before champs, and study the few days after champs, but don’t stay up at champs to study because it will just tire you out. Resting and then focused studying when you’re not in an arena and competition environment will go a long way. Best of luck!

Thank you guys for the advice. But I am looking for other students or teams in general who are willing to set aside time or help me find a way to reserve a room or two to help these students study for tests they will take while they still have the wonderful opportunity to attend the FIRST Champs.

Unless something has changed, the first test is on the 4th of May. That means you have a full week to recuperate from Worlds.

I haven’t been to champs the last few years, but when I went (in St Louis and Atlanta), there was not an easily accessible library like space. I know we have had members spend time at the hotel in the business conference rooms, but I agree, it would be nice to have a few rooms at the conference center dedicated to a quiet study space.

I would second that “don’t burn yourself out at Champs” advice. I came home to five AP tests the last year I went to Champs, and the key for me was hitting the ground running after I got back from Champs. If you’ve been putting in the time all year to be successful on your exams, a few days of light to no studying is unlikely to make a difference in my experience. If you haven’t, it’s also unlikely to make a difference.

Best of luck on your exams.

Yes!! It would be cool to study for AP tests with members of teams from around the world. Anybody in AP Euro?

I was in AP Euro last year and I can bring you some stuff. But to other people saying not to burn ourselves out, that does not help XD I am interested in students taking any AP classes and willing to study with other students. I am taking, for reference, Physics I and APUSH so I have two ends of the study spectrum.

I have two AP tests, and I know I’ll need to study hard through champs if I want to do well. I’m up for trying to sort out some form of study group, though with so many different hotels being used, I’m curious how you’re planning to get people together.

I’m taking the AP Language and Composition and AP Computer Sciences tests.

This is a fantastic idea! It could be centered at different hotels.

I’m taking AP Euro! I wasn’t sure I’d find anyone at champs not studying for like AP Physics or Calc.

I’m taking only one AP test but I was nervous about going to Champs and missing out on some group study sessions with people from my class. I’m in AP Euro and it is my first AP class so it would be great to study with someone

As someone who’s also been through the full battery of AP/IB tests, I can say this is definitely “sage advice”. Now is definitely the best time to study.

As I have read, there is another person in this thread and a few people on my team who are in AP Euro who would be willing to study.

So I know I am staying at the HoteLumière right near the arch. If we could find a middle ground for nights and maybe a room at the dome for during the day, we could be all set

Anyone taking IB (International Baccalaureate) exam a week after champs?

I love that all you people in AP Euro needing so much study time… I remember taking that sophomore year. Never have I had a harder test (until this year, Calc and Physics will be harder for me)

I’m taking 4 tests, and will probably be bringing AP Calc, since I have a literal crapton of homework from that class (an AP test per 2 days). I probably will be doing those on the plane though; I would suggest not doing much studying during the Champs, really… take the time to have a break from studying and just enjoy yourself

I am taking APUSH and AP Physics 1

Here is a thread about where teams are staying. This could help whoever is interested in organizing some study time:

Also a map: