Apache on Linux

I was forced to move from hosting my site/files and a bunch of friends on my Windows desktop to my Linux (Ubuntu) laptop. (Apache on both.)

However, I’m now running into a bunch of 404 errors because of Linux case sensitivity. Yes, it’s technically possible to rename things to make it work, but there are several hundred (thousand?) files which may or may not need changing. Is there any Apache mod to make it case insensitive?

IE, I need /file.HTML to go to the correct file of /file.html. Yeah, I could setup a bunch of Apache aliases or symbolic links, but there’s a lot of files out there…

Hoping to see some insensitivity soon, :wink:

Umm, AFAIK, file.html and file.HTML are considered different files on unix computers. If Apache were to remove case sensitivity, the confusion over which file to select in a certain directory would be very problematic.

mod_speling (yes, it is deliberately misspelled) should help you out (case is one of the things it can take care of)… or, alternatively, take a look at http://linux.omnipotent.net/article.php?article_id=11710 (which isn’t actually a module; but, rather a trick in that you can use Samba+Apache to make things case-insensitive)

Yeah, I know, but there are no files which differ only in case in the directories we’re talking about here (because they came from a Windows box), so I don’t have to worry about that…

I just want to know if there is a way to have it ignore case in an incomming URL (so, select a file which has mathing letters, but ignore case). Maybe, as an alternative, is there some way (using URL rewrites or such) to translate all URL’s into lowercase?

Thanks, Tim. That fixes it for me.

Are all the filenames a certain way? Like are they all lowercase? If so, you could use mod_rewrite to ‘fix’ that.

They aren’t, but there are tools to do that automatically, so that was my next choice. I was reluctant to do that because most of my friends hook up through my FTP (don’t jump on me about FTP) automatically through things like Dreamweaver, so changing case might have broken some of that.