I apologize for my last and aparently offensive post. For those of you who were offendend I am sorry.

My emphasis.

An apology is meaningless if you cannot even understand why it was offensive, inappropriate, and childish.

What did he do?

PM me - I am curious.

i saw that last year i wanted to use it this year. i spent 2 months looking for it and didnt find squat sence i didnt know the name. by now we’ve settle for a lot less pretty material. and too bad i wont be here next year.
What’s so offensive about that? :confused:

If you start to think of this forum, not as an Instant Message, but as a true place of cogent ideas, you will get better reputations. I’d bet if you simply run your posts through a spell checker, you’d do just fine.

If it’s worth posting, it’s worth posting well. Take your time!

That wasnt it…its been deleted

Yes, I recall seeing a post on the portal page last night. Something about women. and it was deleted by the time I got around to clicking it. So I’m assuming it was something fairly offensive. Especially from an “Engineer” on a team.

If you want to know it wasn’t a “bad” post, but it wasn’t appropriate for Chief Delphi. I saw it right before it was locked and deleted. It has more with “recruiting” a special someone than offending anyone.

If he was born in 1986 how can he be an engineer? :confused:

Ummm, he did apologize for what he said and I think its childish not to accept it, as for everyone else, why do you have to keep draggin the subject on? he did something that he knew was wrong, apologized, and now its over. I dont think these posts of saying, what he do, i wanna see are proffesional…thats MY EMPHSIS on it

o ya, who really cares what his team role says…jealous?

Yeah, 'nuff said.