I would like to apologize for anything disrespectful I may have said on this website. I was very foolish and sorry. Please forgive me. :frowning:

It’s allright, we all make mistakes. The deal is if you learn from them then its good, otherwise its bad. Keep learning…

You’re forgiven, naturally. Understand that this is a community where you can grow past mistakes and renew relationships and regain respect. Have a happy and safe build season.

How bad can you possibly be?

Exactly what are you apologizing for? I looked at your old posts and found nothing offensive.

it’s alright, there have been worse.


People make mistakes. The few people who don’t ever make mistakes are the same people who simply don’t do anything. What people do after they make a mistake tells others what they are made of.


I believe that he had some questionable content in his signature, and he has edited it.


If you are new to these forums, you might want to observe the discussions a while before diving in with opinions, emotions, and expertise. Sometimes I wonder if there should be a 5 day waiting period before a new user could post. This would make them read a while before jumping in. I know that this would not be practical, but it would eliminate some embarrassments.

Andy B.

Oh yeah.
He had the tank.
Yeah that wasn’t very nice. At least he apologized and that’s good.

you are still pretty new to the forums, all newbies make some dumb posts. ask brandon about when i joined :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, don’t worry about it, but just a few pointers:
-remember that this is FIRST, not Robot Wars or Battle Bots or some other extreme organization. So keep all posts centered on the aspects of gracious professionalism and all that can branch out from it


-remember that there are people within the forums that are from different associations and organizations. If you don’t know who, LOOK. ‘Search before you post’ as Brandon says.

Further more, check your reputation points, they definitely can keep you in check if you have problems you are unaware of. That’s how I know when I’ve made a dumb post that I should regret and never do again.