Appalachian State!!!!


Perhaps Michigan and App. St. should switch divisions? :wink:

At least when the Buckeyes lose in crushing fashion, it’s in settings like the Championship game.

Why does Lloyd Carr still have a job? Not that Jim Tressel and the Buckeyes are complaining…

I always like to root for the under dog, and that was a big under dog.:ahh:

Wow, way to go Michigan, you didn’t even wait until the Big Ten season to blow your title dreams (not that I thought they would win it, USC, LSU, and L-Ville are much better). That defense was untested and still learning, but Appalachian State, excellent. On a local sports talk radio show they were guessing what game Michigan might lose, Wisconsin, Penn State, that Scarlet and Gray team, but no one called in and said Appalachian State. Hart had a pretty good game, but other than him no one else played spectacularly. Great job by APP State, they played excellent and slayed the mighty Goliath.

App State aint no joke.
They won the last two 1-AA national championships. So how soon before they pull a MArshall and move to division I?

Alright, so all this hooting and hollering (and a desire to check the USC vs. Louisiana-Lafayette score) led me to look at’s video of it.


I was superbly happy, until I watched the Tennessee/Cal game… talk about no defense.

I was at the Stanford-UCLA game, so I didn’t get a chance to see this one, but they announced the final score over the stadium PA and everyone went nuts. Nobody could believe it.

Wonder what the over/under is on weeks before Lloyd Carr is fired?

I would call for his termination right now. That is ridiculous. I could have coached that talented Michigan team to a win…

On another note: Notre Dame got it handed to them today! Don’t ND and Michigan play? That’s going to be a sloppy game, I think.

Only if he loses to Ohio State.

good thing i am a state fan
or i would be devistated.
henny is a horrible quarterback,
people were wondering what happened to the defence…
i know exactly were it went…
the draft.
hart is decent, hes not the best
like every one says he is.
it made me laugh
when my dad told me that score.

If they fire Lloyd Carr, they are insane. Lloyd Carr didn’t make Brandon Minor fumble constantly, or kick it right into the hands of defenders twice. As a whole, Appalachian State may not be as talented as Michigan, but they proved that they had a couple players as fast (actually faster) than Michigan, and lined them up in a spread offense to utilize that speed. And I’ve seen enough West Virginia games to understand that speed+spread offense=points. And Michigan just didn’t play well enough on offense (mainly with Brandon Minor, when Mike Hart came back they improved) to outscore App. State, especially when you factor in the two blocked field goals and two failed conversions.

This just makes me wonder if Appy State is going to roll right through the D-1AA season. They win again, I think they may end up taking a D-1A spot next year… say, Buffalo. LOL.

Notre Dame (or “Notre Lame” as they are sometimes referred to) is also grossly overrated.

Aren’t the divisions based on the size of the schools, not the success of the programs?

I think he’s gone at the end of the season regardless of what happens.

3 straight losses to OSU. 3 straight bowl game losses. He’s been on the hot seat for awhile. His seat is now fiery.

No, its not like high schools there are different criteria. There are many bigger D1AA schools than some D1A schools

to go from D-II to D-I, yes, it is on size, but D-IAA to D-IA it is about skillz.
yes with a z.
and michigan will not fire a coach. they will not fire car, which is stupid.

I don’t think anyone really knows if he’s been on the hot seat, and I don’t he has been. It may be getting warmer now, but it shouldn’t be hot yet. Michigan was undefeated until their final game of the regular season last year. He’s won more than 70% of his games in Michigan, won a national title, and multiple Big 10 titles. Firing him would be a mistake, and they certainly wouldn’t find a better coach to replace him.

The problem with your entire statement was that it was developed by a rational person (yourself).

This is what Joe Blow diehard Michigan fan would say, or more importantly what UM’s big time boosters will say when they call up the Athletic Department pissed about losing to ASU.

“We haven’t won a national championship in 10 years. Last year was our best shot and Lloyd Carr went and lost to the Buckeyes for the 3rd year in a row. Then we got pasted by USC in the Rose Bowl. The year before we lost to an average Nebraska team, and the year before that, we lost to Texas and the year before that we got our butts whooped by USC again. Now we go and lose to Appalachian State. A Division I-AA team. A team we were favored to beat by a million points. A team who had no business even being on the same field as ours. And we LOST to them. What are you going to do about it?”

That’s what’s going to happen. It doesn’t matter how good of a coach Carr is, or how dumb it would be to fire him. Look at Larry Coker’s career win percentage. It didn’t help him any with keeping his job (granted Miami had all kinds of problems, but if Carr goes anywhere close to the 7-6 Coker did, they might as well be in the same situation).

Exactly, college football definitely falls into the what have you done for me lately category, coaches can’t rely on past success.