Apperance + Lighting Limitations

Are there any limitations in the lighting and rendering tools in the student version of solidworks? We have a full version of solidworks and have noticed difference but was not sure if it was because of different configurations or that the student versions are slightly limited. I always thought the student version was the same other than watermarks and legal limits, but I could be wrong.

Hmm this is quite interesting.

Just more reason to have students use pro level rendering software like Keyshot. Based on my experience and another teams experience Keyshot is generally willing to give out licenses to teams. The way they do it is really weird, but its seriously nice software and creates renders that look like a picture.

I see that 1058 did this - are there any other examples? I’d like to play around with our last year’s robot to get a good render of it.

WOW Keyshot! Taught me something. Going to give that a shot. Thanks.

In answer to your original question, yes. The differences between Student and Professional change just about every year, but the Student version does not have all the same features as Professional.

Thank you for that response.