This is the only forum that isn’t blocked on my school server(that I, or any of my friends, know of). This is due to excellent moderation and control over the posts. I often see deleted posts and wonder why the were deleted, then I realize that I don’t care. CD knows what they are doing, and that is good enough for me. Thank you, CD for the hard work. I just wanted you to know that it is appreciated.

Yeah definitely, this is by far the most professional and mature forum I’ve ever been on. It’s nice to be somewhere on the internet with educated, respectable people instead of typical LOLIMSOKOOL 12 year olds.

Plus it’s not blocked at school. Which is nice :smiley:

ZOMG th1s f0ru/|\ r0x0rs!!!111oneoneShift+1

Seriously though, this is the best forum that I have ever participated in. I actually refresh the portal every 1-3.5 minutes that I am awake, which is not something I do to every forum I belong to.

i said it in another thread. thank you for this site. i am a second year parent and your site has keeped me will informed . i almost understand what the team is talking about.:smiley:

It’s not blocked at our school either, for many reasons. Most students at our school have little or no interest in this forum, most teachers are unaware of its existence, and also because the guys in the tech office who control that are mentors for our team.

CD wasn’t blocked when I went to MHS. Then again, only stuff labeled with “XXX”, “porn”, etc. was blocked. Brandon doesn’t get his due respect when it comes to running this forum, same with the other moderators that keep this place in tip-top shape.

CD-Spy may be something you’d like … if you don’t know about it already.

Great - now you just blocked this site for everyone. :slight_smile:

The Community of FIRST is what makes this site great.

Add the moderators and the combination is super!

Thanks everyone!

Wow! That is really cool. Now why didn’t I see that there before? Great add on!

P.S. Please don’t make fun of me for having a blond moment there.:o

EDIT: And it even has a fady effect! HOW COOL!

Don’t worry… I didn’t know about it either and I’ve been a member since 2003, go figure.

It’s relatively new (within the last month or two …) It is less of a hit on the database and bandwidth if you use that. It refreshes automatically every 7 seconds, but only sends the data it needs (text, link, etc.) rather than reloading the whole page every 7 (or how often you click) seconds.