Apple Grant 2019-2020

I was just wondering if anyone has heard about the Apple Grant for this coming season. Our mentor applied for us (this is our first time applying for the Apple Grant) which they stated we should hear back at the beginning of September. It’s now the first week of October and we still haven’t heard anything. Has anyone received word of their applications as of yet? Thank you

You should reach out to your mentor and have them reach out internally. Our team has received the grant for a couple years and unfortunately will not be receiving the grant this year. They said they had a record number of applicants and can no longer support every team that applies.

Good luck!

Our team’s in the same boat as bcampbell, we’ve gotten the Apple grant in the past but won’t be getting it this year. I don’t remember when we found out; at least a week ago, maybe a couple weeks.

Like others here, we found out in the last couple of weeks that we would not be receiving this grant. It’s become a critical grant for us over the past couple of years that’s brought our team to new highs and it devastated us to find out we wouldn’t get it this year.

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They definitely cut down on the amount of teams they supported. We usually get the grant and did not this year, and run the risk of not being able to afford to compete in 2020 because of it.

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Wow, glad to know we’re not the only ones. Looks like we probably won’t be getting the Apple grant either this year, after getting it for the 2018 and 2019 season.

Who actually got an Apple grant this year? Would be interested in hearing from a team with success.




Especially surprising given that we’re located about three miles from their HQ. It’s been difficult, but it’s also good to know that we’re not the only ones; though, even if things aren’t looking great this year, we’re still of course incredibly thankful for Apple’s generous support putting us through 2017, 2018, and 2019.

One question for other people who didn’t receive the grant: did you get a formal notice of any kind as to that fact? We didn’t hear anything back until our contact emailed the coordinator, just two weeks ago.


We received funding from Apple this year (2019-2020 season), not sure why.

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Was this your first year receiving funding, and was it the full $7,000 they’d initially promoted? Part of what I’ve pieced together is that they might be prioritizing new grantees.

We didn’t receive an apple grant last year (we were too late), but we have received it at least once previously.

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Maybe it was that thing you won in Texas that one time? Apple is only sponsoring world champions now. For the record, this was a joke. I don’t actually believe this

Also, I asked my finance lead whether we got our Apple grant this year or not. I’ll follow up when I hear back.

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I honestly don’t think that’s it.

I’ve heard 100 received it, and they did win it a few years back. Currently looking into whether other teams in the Cupertino area near us did who haven’t thus far, which could provide a little bit more information on that front.

I know we have a mentor on the team who works at apple, is this true for everyone else?
We’ve won champs before (25 years ago) so if they’re sponsoring world champions, I assume that’s how. However, correct me if I’m wrong, but 1678’s won champs before, right? That would rule out the world champions theory.
Could also be SF peninsula teams, but that seems unlikely, given that their HQ is more in Cupertino.
That’s about all I know.

My team has an Apple mentor but didn’t get the grant this year

We have multiple – a big part of the population here works for them, so it’s pretty much inevitable; as far as I can tell having a mentor there is necessary to submit the grant, as it’s done through an internal employee portal. Have you guys received the grant in prior years?

And apologies about the championships confusion – I was just going off the Wikipedia page and must have missed it!

Odd. I’m now guessing it’s more of a RNG thing.

Yes, we got the grant last year. No worries about the champs thing, nothing’s reliable before 2002.

So now I’m inclined to believe this is either RNG or First Come First Serve. I believe we turned in all the required paperwork and whatnot as early as possible, so there’s a good chance that’s part of it.

We did turn it in later on in the process, around a week before the deadline ultimately – that could be it. That would be quite unfortunate though, as they had announced early on that the grant would not be assigned FCFS, and that certainly informed our timeline.

Can anyone tell me where to learn more and/or potentially apply for the Apple grant?

This year’s deadline has already passed. Considering next year, assuming no changes from how it’s worked in the past, you’ll need to have an Apple employee as a mentor, who would then be able to access the grant form through their internal portal.

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