Apple Killed the iPod Mini

Yes, it’s true.

RIP 2003-2005

Goodness gracious professionalism, that’s tiny!

Now the whole deal for college students (where they gave away a free 4 GB iPod mini with a Mac purchase) suddenly makes sense.

Also, new cooler version of iTunes is out, 5.0.

Wow, if I didn’t know better, I would’ve said it was a spoof.

That is incredible. Goodbye iPod Mini, you rocked but this new Nano iPod is just a beautiful piece of engineering (whether it’ll sell or not is another story entirely.)

Wow… that thing is just awesome. I can get the 4gig for $229.99 with my Purdue discount so I’ll probably be ordering a new one tonight. I’m thinking the black one.

**EDIT: **Well I just ordered a black 4gig model of the iPod Nano. Once it arrives I’ll upload pictures and maybe a “review” if I’ve got some free time.

How big, size wise, is the Hard Drive note in bytes is it? thats gotta be small, so its Flash. i dunno but its freaking awesome. Also note iTunes 5.0 is also up now, and freeipodnano isn’t available yet.

Wow, best upgrade for an iPod yet. I’m glad Apple got rid of the Mini…I found it to be quite dumb. This new nano looks sweet though.

Am I the only person who does not and has never owned one of these things?

Now here’s the best way to describe how small it is…

Take a good look at an iPod shuffle. Congratulations! You just determined the height!

Shuffle = 3.3" tall
Nano = 3.5" tall

The sad part I see with this being the successor to the Mini is that…
a. It’s 2/4 GB compared to the 4/6GB
b. It’s 2 stale colors compared to 4 vibrant and different colors (compared to the other iPods). (Also, the fact that the click wheel on the black model is also black just prooves they were too lazy to think of another color).

Anyways, here is some more related iPod/iTunes news…

Nope, I don’t have an iPod either!

Nor do I…but you better believe its #1 on my Xmas list

Wow, that’s really small.

But I’m still waiting for my iPod Flea…

The most MP3 player I own is a 256MB Creative MuVo TX FM.

If they made them bigger than 1GB, it would be better than an Ipod NANO anyday.

Who doesn’t like combos?

MP3 player
USB drive
Voice recorder
FM radio and recorder

Best of all you don’t need a stinking cord to download stuff to the player.

Technically, the iPod is two of those, and it can do the other ones with accessories. I hypothesis that the reason why the headphone port is on the bottom of the iPod Nano is so that accessories can use the dock port to control it, now that the remote port is gone.

The things that the iPod really, really has going for it is that they are a bit of a fad right now, and that iTunes is the most amazing program ever created. I can explain to non-techies how to use iTunes. How do you explain to someone how to use Windows Media Player to sync their Digital Audio Player?

I too am disappointed to see that the iPods are dropping in size while staying the same in price. Still, that thing is soo sweet.
I <3 my 40gig Photo though.

Wowie, that’s a beaut. Now I feel bad that I was so greedy at the end of May and coughed up all of my spare change (literally) to buy a green mini. At least its 6GB…and a bit of a rarity :wink:

Actually, Engadget had an interesting thing about the number of songs people actually put on their music players: (Now, granted, they included many players that had small capacities, but still.)

As for the colors, I’m still trying to figure out what’s so bad about iPod white on silver. (shrug)

You’re not alone. :wink:

If I had one I’d probably destroy it. I only had my new digital camera for a week when I dropped it! :ahh: Luckly it survived with only “battle scars”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never had, nor felt the need for an Ipod.

My Creative Zen rocks louder, clearer and cheaper then the same sized ipod (any sized ipod at the time, actually). A few years ago the ipod really was the best player. Thats not so clear anymore. And with Apple pushing this kind of junk (it amounts to a $30 usb cable), I have to take ipod accessories with a grain of salt.

I was also amused to see Apple was careful to hedge their bets on battery life, with This page. I’m all for consumer education, so right on to Apple for making battery life issues clear. All the same, thats got to have a lot to do with that big fat law suit they just settled over some early gen ipods.

Still, My Creative has a replaceable battery. I’m on my second battery now, although the first one can still hold enough of a charge to last a few hours. I keep it in the glove box of my car in case the main one dies out on me. Why don’t more players have that kind of niftyness?

-Andy A.

Because people still put the batteries in backwards on every other device, and if it won’t fit the first time, shove it in!