Apple Pi (2067) 2018 Swerve

Here is the CAD file for the swerve modules Apple Pi used during the 2018 season.

The modules worked extremely well for us, they had no mechanical issues. We ran into a slight issue with the encoders we were using originally on the drive motor, so we switched to the vp integrated encoders. We also used the vp integrated encoders for turning.

The goals with these modules was to create a system that was robust, relatively lightweight, and easy to repair. As a whole, those goals were met. Each module weighed under 8lbs and although none were needed, significant repairs could have been done with relative ease.

As we go into the off season, we will once again be redesigning them, a process most swerve teams know well. Our primary goals will be further weight and space reduction, as well as designing a module that can be made more rapidly during build season.

The modules this year were made primarily using a Haas and router table, with some minor modifications on a bridgeport and lathe.

If you have any questions on our modules or designing swerve in general, feel free to pm me or email me at