Apple Pi logo concepts

I’m fairly new here at CD, so I thought I might as well explain a bit of what I like to do in my free time.

I enjoy creating various CG graphics in Photoshop, both freehand and via only internal tools (gradients, selection smoothing, etc.) and recently I’ve put it upon myself to learn some Blender. I chose Blender because of it’s ease of use and the large number of tutorials available for it. (My favorite tutorial maker is Andrew Price from blender guru haha)

So today I present to you my (unofficial) concepts for a new design to the Apple Pi logo.

This is my favorite one so far - using ambient occlusion for the shaders.

This one I don’t like too much due to the harsh highlights and as a result, a bad histogram. (Using only diffuse shaders)

Here is a picture of the scene in Blender:
(full size version here: )

and this is the Blender file if anyone would like to check it out :slight_smile:

Any & All feedback and/or ideas are appreciated!

I like the clean look of the first logo alot.
The second on has too much going on with the shadows. It’s very distracting.
The logo design itself is very clever and engaging.

Thanks for the feedback! I too agree the first one is much more appealing. Also, did you go to RIT by any chance? (Looking at your location haha) I’ve been looking into colleges lately and RIT, WPI and Rensselaer are highly appealing.

Wow, nice job on that. It looks quite a bit better than my attempted designs.

I’m am RIT alumni.

Love the designs. The first one is great, but could be a bit brighter.

Do we need to cal Dave Lavery? :rolleyes:

Those look really nice, we also have a blender model of our mascot/logo that we’ve been using for the past few years to animate introductions for a lot of our videos. (example)](

Here’s a little animation preview… Apple Pi youtube soon™

The abstract representation of a post-modern neo-noir dystopia at its finest.
Truly remarkable work.


Agreed, the first logo looks the best

There’s a certain other graphics designer on my team who I’m sure enjoys that one more due to his hatred of beveling and 3d art… :wink:

very cool. how about a stem on it

They’re already building robots. I think that’s more than enough STEM.

you can never have to much stem