Apple WWDC

Is anyone else unable to get work done in anticipation for Apples announcements at the WWDC today? I don’t plan on buying a new iPhone but I have to admit they do an amazing job marketing to get people this excited.

ME!!! I was about to order my laptop last week, but decided to wait until this week in anticipation for some new toys. I’m getting the educational discount and the summer bonus stuff. Last order was about $3200, but I’ll have $300 in rebates for a 15" Macbook Pro (2.5Ghz, 4GB RAM, 200GB 7200RPM Hard drive), iPod Touch, and Canon all-in-one printer. iPod Touch and Printer have rebates to make them free, so I fell I’m getting a pretty good deal.

I hate the new data plan. I kinda understand $30 a month to pay for the 3G network. But not including any SMS with that and from what I have read, charging $5 for each 200 SMS sucks.

They are pricing it exactly like all their other smart phones. I did read if you own a current generation iPhone you will get to keep your data plan if you upgrade so that works out well for me. Save myself $10 or so to be an early adopter.

I’ve been using the same free-with-contract LG model since the Championship in 2005*, so I’m due for an upgrade. SMS won’t be missed by me–I never use it anyway. The data plan increase is slightly lametastic, but I think I can swing it.

*The cell phone story
[spoiler]I literally received my cell phone from my mother as I got in her car to go to Atlanta for the 2005 Championship–Ryan Albright was the first person in my (often-mysteriously-erased–this is a free-with-contract phone) address book. Sometime around 2007, my brother and mother upgraded phones–I hardly used mine, so I didn’t upgrade. While in San Jose for Cal Games 2006, my SIM card died; there’s nothing like being thousands of miles from home with no cell phone service until conning Ken Leung and Bill Gold’s help in hunting down a Cingular store. Since then, I’ve actually swapped out for my mother’s unit since mine was being more irritating with charging. On the up side, I now have all the chargers for the old phones–three, with my mother’s and brother’s–which lets me charge just about anywhere I am. Small pleasures, I guess.[/spoiler]

I’m fine with my Verizon phone for the time being, although I’m going to be taking up Apple on their $300 education rebate towards an iPod Touch (probably 16Gb, maybe 32Gb) with a new Mac purchase as soon as they start shipping them with Firmware 2.0 in July.

The native Exchange support, as well as WPA2 Enterprise with certificates, has been just what I was waiting for to use the iPod Touch on the Wifi network at my college. :smiley:

Yea I have been waiting for the iPhone to support WPA with EAP for a while as that is what Purdue uses for their “current” wireless network. I have been able to fall back to the old network which is an open AP that you then use a VPN client to get full access.

Just picked up my new MacBook Pro yesterday, with free iPod Touch for my sister. I have to say, $200 for a 3G phone with GPS and an adequately priced data plan… makes me pretty upset that me (and my family) are locked into Verizon’s deathgrip of greed rolls eyes

As to the OP, yep, had 3 tabs open with Engadget’s live coverage on one, Gizmodo’s on other, and MacRumors’ on the third :cool:

Same here, wasted so much time just looking at all the sources I could get, and straining to hear the audio stream.

I am proud to say that I have the 17th digg and 4th comment on the new iPhone story on

Still have a year left for my Alltel(or about to be Version).

There was a live audio stream on that some co-workers and I were listening to as well as following Engadget and the rest. It was actually worse sometimes because Steve would say something import like the price point or release date and we would miss it due to all the clapping and cheering. Then we had sit in agony for a few minutes while the text streams updated us with what was said.

If you guys haven’t already, check out and They had great live coverage of WWDC

Kinda late, but I skipped out on the best day to fly my kite while on vacation just to see what was released using the Macrumors live blog. I was disjointed as, even though I love almost everything Apple, I hate the iPhone. I think it is really nice that they added the features onto it that they did, FINALLY! I believe that the iPhone is just a hype right now, and as long as Apple continues to keep changing the look of it, and calling it the “new” iPhone, they will keep selling it as Apple is AMAZING with marketing. I dono why, but sometimes when I’m bored, I watch old keynotes from Mr. Jobs, and I am locked in. I hope that I am as good at presentations as he is if I get a job that requires it! [/rant]